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WWE Fast Lane 2015 Experts and Sportzwiki Predictions Part 2

@HowardFinkel: One might think that Ambrose is truly representative of an “inmate running the asylum” (witness the “contract signing” from Raw this past Monday). Ambrose most definitely marches to the beat of a different drummer, something that Bad News Barrett has to factor into his strategy for this match. I look for the brash Brit to be three seconds better than Ambrose; that’s all it takes to win the match. Ambrose will come awfully close to garnering the Intercontinental gold, but overall will fall short. WINNER: Bad News Barrett

Jeff Laboon: Dean Ambrose had a tumultuous 2014, from the split of The Shield to getting his head crushed into a cinder block. His Intercontinental Championship match against Bad News Barrett marks the first opportunity to right the wrongs of last year. WINNER: Dean Ambrose
Mike Murphy: As arguably one of the best Intercontinental Champions in recent memory, having held the title five times in less than a four-year span, Bad News Barrett is not one to be taken lightly. Unfortunately for the champion, neither is Dean Ambrose, who is unlike anyone Barrett has come across before. Sure, Barrett’s gotten in his barbs and drawn Ambrose’s ire, but all that will accomplish in the end is incense The Lunatic Fringe and propel him to an Intercontinental Title victory. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

John Clapp: A certifiable madman like Dean Ambrose is undoubtedly dangerous, but will he be able to stay laser-focused? Look for Bad News Barrett to approach his opponent cautiously – and strategically. He will absorb a lot of punishment along the way, but Barrett will be savvy enough to find an opening and strike at the right moment, much to The Lunatic Fringe’s dismay. WINNER: Bad News Barrett
Sportzwiki prediction – We think Bad News Barrett will be able to retain, but not by a pin fall or submission victory. This is a feud that would be heading to WrestleMania 31. A lot of rumors are saying that these two athletes would meet each other in a street fight. Such a possibility would only occur(literally) when these match does not get an ending.

United States Champion Rusev vs. John Cena

@JoeyStyles: Did anyone expect Rusev to go this long without being pinned or made to submit? I didn’t. Rusev’s list of victims reads like a who’s who of WWE Championship history: Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, Big Show, Great Khali and Jack Swagger are all former World Champions that have all tapped out or passed out because of Rusev’s agonizing Accolade. However, over the last decade, John Cena has proven he will be on WWE’s Mount Rushmore. Does Cena have the ability to defeat Rusev with multiple AAs or the STF? Yes, and Rusev and the incomparable Lana know it. That’s why I think Rusev will escape WWE Fastlane without being pinned or submitted but will lose via intentional disqualification to keep his record intact. WINNER: John Cena

@HowardFinkel: Since day one I have been a firm believer in the in-ring abilities of Rusev. To not have been pinned or submitted since debuting nearly a year ago is a feat unto itself. I think the arrow continues to point upward for Lana’s pride and joy. And despite Cena’s penchant for giving 150 percent effort at all times, I truly think Rusev will take the measure of Cena convincingly at WWE Fastlane. WINNER: Rusev
Jeff Laboon: The Super Athlete will be like a shark smelling blood at WWE Fastlane, and one swift kick to Cena’s eye could signal the biggest victory in Rusev’s career. WINNER: Rusev

Mike Murphy: Rusev has never been pinned or made to submit in WWE, and I think that is going to remain true following WWE Fastlane. However, I do not predict Rusev to be the winner of this contest either. Expect Rusev and Cena’s mutual disdain for one another to cause this match to spiral to the outside, where both men will forget the existence of a 10-count and draw in a chaotic brawl. WINNER: n/a
John Clapp: Rusev’s Accolade has been put to the test by several of WWE’s strongest Superstars, including Big E and Mark Henry, but what will happen if The Super Athlete lands Cena in the compromising position? If any Superstar can break free of the back-breaking hold, it’s the Cenation leader, and that’s why smart money says Cena leaves WWE Fastlane with the stars-and-stripes title around his waist. WINNER: John Cena

Sportzwiki prediction – We predict a disqualification or count out victory for John Cena. These two athletes are going to WrestleMania 31 according to rumors and fruitful sources. A clean victory for any superstar would not be able to keep things interesting for the grandest stae of them all. The only way to make things better for WrestleMania is to allow John Cena win the game by either disqualification or count out, and we believe that is going to happen at Fast Lane.

Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan (Winner faces WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31)

@JoeyStyles: Why Roman Reigns played into The Authority’s manipulative hands by agreeing to this match befuddles me. Regardless, the former powerhouse of The Shield will still be going to The Show of Shows after defeating Daniel Bryan at WWE Fastlane. As Bryan fans send nasty tweets to

@JoeyStyles, I ask them to remember that I, too, am a huge “Yes!” Man fan. However, matches are not popularity contests. As formidable as Bryan’s “Yes!” Lock and running knee strike are, if Reigns hits the 5-foot-8, 180-pound Bryan with the Spear, Bryan won’t even to be able to compete at this year’s WrestleMania. WINNER: Roman Reigns

@HowardFinkel: From what I’ve witnessed leading up to WWE Fastlane, I suspect we will see two individuals who will leave it all in the ring. This is going to be as good a battle as it gets. Daniel Bryan has arguably not missed a step since his return to in-ring action, while Roman Reigns continues to fire on all cylinders. A virtual coin toss for me to determine the winner ナ coin in the air ナ and it falls on the side of Bryan to win the match and go on to the main event of WrestleMania. WINNER: Daniel Bryan

Jeff Laboon: It’s agility against power. Daniel Bryan hasn’t shown any sign of weakness since returning from injury, but power may be too much for agility at WWE Fastlane. WINNER: Roman Reigns

Mike Murphy: Roman Reigns was my pick to win the 2015 Royal Rumble Match and go on to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, and I still hold to that prediction despite this large challenge before him in Daniel Bryan. Reigns is still a freight train, and his final destination is still the main event of WrestleMania 31. I feel bad for everyone on the tracks. WINNER: Roman Reigns

John Clapp: The idea of Daniel Bryan forcing his way into the WrestleMania main event for a second consecutive year and challenging for the title he never actually lost sounds like a fairytale, and I’m plenty curious to see how the undersized “Yes!” Man would fare against big Brock. Though his neck is vulnerable, and a Spear wouldn’t help matters at all, Bryan’s intestinal fortitude is hard to deny. WINNER: Daniel Bryan

Sportzwiki prediction – We predict this match is either going to no contest or double disqualification. We think these two athletes are both going to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 for the WWE World Heavyweight championship in a triple threat match, and that certainly would be the best possible result. A one on one match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan would definitely be good, but a triple threat match would be way more interesting to watch. So we are hoping to see either no contest or double disqualification bottom line of this match.