The Hell in a Cell 2016 edition came last night from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The best part of the evening was obviously pushing the two women into the main event spotlight despite a questionable booking. WWE has taken the initial step towards many to come.
However, the finishing was chaotic and hurried. Sasha Banks might be screwed by the WWE Creative, once again losing to Charlotte in a big PPV match. There are some doubts regarding if Banks is seriously hurt during the match or not. The hometown of Banks was heavily upset with the outcome of the match at Hell in a Cell. But, this also might suggest that WWE is keeping a lot of faith on Charlotte who is a better performer.
The Universal title match was too a solid match up with Rollins and Owens giving us enough entertainment. Jericho made the match a 2-on-1 handicap contest but quite surprisingly got a huge babyface reaction from the crowd. He turned out to be the deciding factor and we wonder if a face turn is stored for him in near future post-Hell in a Cell. Here are what the twitter-verse was talking through the night.

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