After pulling off double duties at Night of Champions, Seth Rollins now has another chip in his shoulder in the name of Demon Kane.

Though this feud is constructing for quite a sometimes now but this is not one of the best in recent times. Here how the bout can go further as Hell in a Cell comes closer to you.


Another Kane comes out:

The stipulation in store is that if Demon Kane loses then Corporate Kane will be relieved from his duties. So basically Kane is having two different personas as of storyline but fans do believe that there is one Kane right now. The fun thing is that WWE may present someone else as the masked one to start a feud with the corporate one. And it would be a great thing to see both the Kane in the same frame and thing would turn out to be something totally different. Though this may not be the best thing to offer right now, but this would be something very shocking which WWE can proceed further with.


Sheamus cashes in:
Until and unless the Money in the Bank briefcase is being cashed in it will always be in speculation. And there’s a high chance of Sheamus’ cash in at the Hell in a Cell PPV. The question is will WWE let Sheamus win the title at this stage? Fans will not be disappointed either by a successful or unsuccessful cash in. But if Sheamus does win then there’s a chance for the Authority to turn heel for Rollins as they go on to ally with Sheamus creating an interesting storyline thereby between them.


One last run for Kane:
Kane has been one loyal servant to WWE since his Debut. He’s been there in every ups and down and had done every single thing that the company had asked him to do. Otherwise why would have we see the demon turn into dud Corporate Kane? So this man really deserves the last run as a champion. This may not be the best decision as a corporate perspective but sometimes wrestling things are done by emotions and this one is one of those cases.



Authority Turns on Rollins:
Seth Rollins is the kind of wrestler who can go on his own in the ring but provided with the storyline he was always backed by the Authority. Now the authority is a predictable thing to happen somewhere down the line but if it happens at Hell in a Cell then it will create a storyline for the coming Survivor Series. Triple H can interfere in the match or he can even help Sheamus to cash in his contract taking the storyline further.



Clean win for Rollins:
Despite the talent that Rollins is, he barely gets the chance to showcase it in the ring. If WWE is unable to give Kane a clean sweep as he is not anymore in his prime this is a far better option to go with as to solidify “The Architect” legacy. Because the win against “The Big red machine” will give him a further boost in the long run. It would make Director of Operations Kane losing his job which means WWE can move further with the Demon Kane in another storyline if they want it to be that way.

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