WWE News: Mia Khalifa to Appear on a Wrestling Show After Ripping off WWE

Arindam Paul / 15 December 2017

It is not something new to have a difference of opinions from numerous mainstream stars towards WWE. While most of the fans including other stars from different sports industry like this one, some exceptions are there who does not like the product, at all.

The main reason behind this is the scripted format of the show due to which results are pre-determined for each contest.

But, that does not put away the fact the WWE Superstars put their body and career on the line, each night they perform inside the ring. The bumps they take are real. They endure unimaginable pains which often force them to take a long time off from in-ring competition and sometimes even take the career away from them.

Despite the fact when someone blasts the pro-wrestling performers calling them ‘fake’, it’s quite nasty to hear. Mia Khalifa did the same in a recent Youtube video. On the show co-hosted by the ex-porn star, she was asked about Ronda Rousey possibly joining WWE in the future. While reacting to it, she stated,

“This is where her career will go to die. I have no respect for the WWE; it’s not a real sport. It’s embarrassing.”

The comments brought her some publicity for sure, as the pro-wrestling universe started to hit back at her. It included former WWE Superstar Hurricane aka Shane Helmes who directly called Mia Khalifa a porn-star on Twitter. No further step was taken by the Mia, till date to the former mid-card superstar in the WWE.

But, going forward, she would be seen attending a wrestling show hosted by The Lucha Underground promotion. An exchange of words was observed between Khalifa and Thunder Rosa (Cobra Moon) after which the pro-wrestler invited her to the show to be hosted in January.

It was accepted by Khalifa who later defended her earlier comments stating,

“people take things so seriously, I have no hate towards wrestlers, I just love talking s–t.”