We are just two days away from WWE’s version of Demolition Derby i.e. WWE TLC. The audience just loves the gimmick of this annual tradition of the WWE, which generally closes the year in style. This year it is a brand exclusive PPV (Smackdown), where mostly the old rivalries are most likely to get over. So, it is evident that there might be some twists that will help build the future storylines:



Randy Orton Turning On Bray Wyatt

The sudden inclusion of the Orton-Wyatt to the Tag Team picture is to hand them the Tag Team championship. But Orton is not going to stay under the wings of Wyatt and will strike at some point. The question is if it’s going to be in TLC or not. It might happen when they are on the verge of pinning either Slater or Rhyno, Orton turns on Wyatt and delivers an RKO out of nowhere. This will help reignite the feud between them and add some more quality matches between them in near future.


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