AJ lee has just launched her autobiography which has turned out to be one of the best-sellers of this month. She has been on a promotion spree over the past few weeks for the book named, “Crazy is My Superpower.”

In a recent autograph signing session, she was reunited with her former friend and colleague, Big E. It was a surprise visit from the New Day member and AJ Lee took her Instagram handle to let it know to the social media. Here’s what the three-time Divas champion had to say about the reunion:

“officialajmendez #CrazyIsMySuperpower Tour Week 3. You just never know what’s gonna happen at these book signings. Last night as I signed my brain baby birthed from my brain womb, I was delighted by the sight of my ACTUAL BABY BOY birthed from my wrestling womb!
I was sure he was just going to break my sternum again while demanding the months in child support I owe, but he actually just came to surprise and support me! Like the goddamn marshmallow, he is. Thanks, @wwebige, I’m the proudest Momma. – AJ”

These two had quite an interesting history in the WWE. They belonged to the same batch of NXT. After that, they were shifted to the main roster, together. At one point, AJ Lee, Dolph Ziggler and Big E featured in a stable with Big E being the muscle of it.

Later, when AJ became the longest reigning Divas champion, at one point, Big E was by her side for a better portion. In fact, they were seen in a kayfabe relationship, as well.

In the recent book promotions, AJ hinted that she might make a comeback in pro-wrestling considering it was her first love. However, it still does not make any sense to a WWE return considering the bitter relationship between WWE and her husband, CM Punk.

Big E, on the other hand, is trying to recover from the absence of Kofi Kingston from their faction. At this point, Kofi is sidelined from in-ring competition after suffering an ankle injury, after Wrestlemania. He was attacked by the debuting tag team, The Revival.

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