In recent times, Alberto Del Rio has gone on a rant against WWE for multiple times. He took shots at the heads of the biggest pro-wrestling promotion going straight bad mouth.

In particular, he mentioned someone with a ‘big nose’ who is the worst boss in the WWE, possibly referring to Triple H. His rift with The Game is not unknown to the pro-wrestling fans.

Del Rio did another periscope video alongside his girlfriend Paige. This time he accused WWE of bullying and being an encouragement to bullying. While walking through the streets of New York, he went on another rant against WWE and Triple H.

This time, he also said that the promotion discriminates people based on their nationality and skin colour. This leads to failure for some of the talented wrestlers like him. In case you have forgotten, The Mexican Aristocrat’s second stint in the company was a disastrous one.

On the other hand, Del Rio praised his current employer Impact Wrestling promotion, previously known as TNA. He said that Impact owners respect each of the roster members despite their native country and skin colour. His girlfriend was seen reminding her man saying that she still works for WWE before he stopped.

Both Paige and Del Rio belongs to countries other than the United States. So, it’s kind of obvious that they are blaming the company with such bullying or racism remarks. It’s hard to say whether this would affect Paige’s wrestling career after she returns from injury.

Meanwhile, JBL bullying most of his colleagues in the WWE has made it to the mainstream media houses leading to ask many of the present and past WWE employees’ opinion on the matter. Many of them shared their bitter experiences with JBL while Del Rio expressed his respect to the former longest reigning WWE champion on Smackdown.

This is what he had to offer regarding this matter:

“I know I had a lot of beef with some of the people in that company, and I can say that I hate some of the people in that place, but JBL was not one of them. He was always fantastic to me and he always treated my family with respect, so I have nothing but respect for JBL. But with all honesty, and I swear on my kids’ life, I don’t watch the product at all, I don’t follow, so I don’t know what the situation is with JBL.”

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