Asuka has been performing on the NXT scene for a couple of years now. With the number of accolades that she has earned, we might say that she is the greatest female performer to step foot in the developmental territory of the WWE, till date.

In the NXT roster, she is still undefeated. Following her win against Bayley back in NXT Takeover: Dallas in 2016, she has successfully defended her title on every single occasion. In the process, she has shattered the record of Goldberg who held an undefeated streak for 173 matches in a row.

Plus, Asuka surpassed the longest reigning champion in the Modern-day WWE history which was previously held by CM Punk. In addition, she is all set to break the record of The New Day who held the tag team championship gold for 483 days. These numbers are quite an indication that there is nobody who can snatch the title from her on NXT.

So, The Empress of Tomorrow has made a strange pledge on the social media that she will only return to NXT only if the management can find a worthy opponent for her. This was her statement:

“Still unstoppable, still untouchable, still undefeated. I’ll be back to @WWENXT once you find a worthy opponent! #AndStill”

The WWE has addressed this pledge on the official website stating:

“…it appears there may be some time before Asuka is back on WWE Network’s Wednesday night staple. Unless, of course, a “worthy” opponent soon makes herself known.Who will be the next person to try to dethrone Asuka? And how long will it take to find a challenger that can meet Asuka’s expectations?”

This might be a clear setup from the creative to come up with a bigger opponent for the reigning champion so that she can have a marquee match at the upcoming NXT Takeover: Brooklyn on August 19th. There are still not updates available who might show up in this slot.

But, she might end up losing the title on that event by passing the torch to a worthy competitor before heading towards the main roster of the WWE.

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