One of the most anticipated Draft picks from the NXT roster was supposed to be the former WWE NXT champion, Bayley. But, to a shock to the WWE Universe that never happened. Though Bayley was called for a match 5 days later at the Battleground PPV where she teamed up with the Boss, Sasha Banks but that was just for one night only.
Bayley is the top most babyface in the NXT roster and the pop she got at Battleground was phenomenal which pointed out her delayed arrival in the main roster. The hugger herself declared her frustration for not getting drafted to raw or Smackdown, recently.
Now, keeping that in mind, WWE creative heads are penning a feud between Bayley and Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania 33. If this indeed turns out to be true then it is certainly going to surpass their historic match at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn.

WWE Creative is not planning to land Bayley on the main roster, as of now to focus on the ongoing feud between Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Once Summerslam gets over WWE may look to insert Bayley into Monday Night Raw since Sasha too is in the same brand. Sasha will then turn heel to take on a babyface Bayley.
Though, the problem will be the inclusion of Bayley on Raw will make the Smackdown Live’s women’s division even weaker. The Raw Women’s division is already filled up with big names where Smackdown has got only one veteran, Natalya. Becky Lynch is the current face of the Women’s division in Smackdown which is filled up with fresh talents like Eva Marie, Alexa Bliss or Carmella.
Another problem is since Sasha is said to be established as the face of the Raw women’s division, she is supposed to hold the Women’s championship for a long time. So, it’s yet to see when her heel turn takes place in future. As of now, it is too early to predict something for Wrestlemania 33. Hopefully, post-Summerslam we will get some more hints about the feud.

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