WWE News: Chris Jericho On His Appearance At Greatest Royal Rumble

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WWE News: Chris Jericho on His Appearance at Greatest Royal Rumble 

WWE News: Chris Jericho on His Appearance at Greatest Royal Rumble

Chris Jericho was back in the WWE for a one-off night during the post-Battleground episode of Smackdown Live.

The episode took place in Richmond, Virginia marked the last time that we have seen the self-proclaimed GOAT (greatest of all time) of the WWE on live TV for the last time. Following that, he went on to have a tour with his Fozzy music band.

We expected to have him back once he is done with the music tour but all of a sudden a deal was made between him and the NJPW (New Japan Pro-wrestling promotion).

It resulted in a dream match between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega at the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 12. It was a shocker to many of the fans considering that Y2J was a WWE guy for the entire part of his career.

On the legend’s part, it might not be a shocker since he has nothing to achieve in the WWE in the future. He also had a strong run in the last stint which was expanded into an overly run. It was extended until the Payback event of 2017 due to the fans always wanting to see him as the greatest entertainer that he is.

Now, a sudden announcement was made regarding his comeback in the WWE which will happen at the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble event. Firstly, he was added to the 50-superstar Rumble match, itself which will headline the show. Later, a casket match against The Undertaker was announced for him. But, then again, Rusev replaced him in this match.

This type of flip-flops is not expected for a legend like Chris Jericho who is a future Hall of Famer. So, he was asked straight about whether he is unhappy with the change of the match card. Proving that he is a veteran in the pro-wrestling business, he stated that he’s happy with whatever WWE has to offer for him.

Whether it’s competing in a match against The Undertaker or in the Rumble match, he does not have any priority, at this point, in his career, at this time. Check out what Y2J had to offer regarding this from the interview with In This Corner Podcast,

“For me at this point I mean, whether they want me to be in the Greatest Royal Rumble Match, work the Undertaker, work against Funaki in a lingerie match, I’ll do whatever needs to be done. I’m happy to do it. That’s the good thing about my kind of legacy and where I’m at in my career. I can do whatever needs to be done. Opening match, Main Event, whatever it is I’ll do it all man. It’s all going to be good. Things change, which is part of the world of WWE. It happens all the time. I’m not upset.”

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