The identity crisis around the Hardy Boyz is continuing ever since they have come to the WWE. We expected them to be seen in the infamous ‘Broken’ gimmick where Matt portrays himself as a bizarre person. Jeff plays the character of his brother named ‘Brother Nero’.

This was one of the most famous innovations from the Hardy Boyz around last year’s summer by which these two veterans were able to rejuvenate themselves. However, they did not use it since a lawsuit was ongoing from the Impact Wrestling claiming that this gimmick belongs to only them.

As a result, Matt & Jeff are being portrayed as their older gimmick of Hardy Boyz or rather Team Extreme from the Attitude Era. Matt has also changed his twitter handle name from ‘Broken Matt Hardy’ to ‘Matt Hardy V1’. He might be in a confusing state since the name changes were ongoing with Mattitude to now stating as the Iconic Matt Hardy.

Apparently, the legal battle between the Hardy Family and Impact Wrestling is still going on. Until and unless they are permitted to use the ‘Broken’ gimmick by the court, they will have to stay away from using this one in the WWE.

It might be a curse in blessings since Vince McMahon wants to channel the transformation of these veterans on WWE programming. This will help the WWE viewers to understand the gimmick more in case they are not familiar with what the Hardyz have gone through during their TNA stint.

Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy brought back the confusion during a Raw-exclusive house show of WWE. They competed in a match and won it. Aftermath, they celebrated the win with the fans. Jeff held his hand high and threw himself onto the mat bringing back the ‘spot monkey’ activity by Brother Nero.

Matt addressed the issue on twitter in a classic ‘Broken’ away. He stated that sometimes it’s impossible to contain the Nero inside Jeff. Only, time will when the legal dispute will be solved and whether WWE Universe can finally witness the ‘Broken’ era again.

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