WWE News: Former Champions Rumored to Appear in Royal Rumble

Arindam Paul / 17 January 2018

The first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match is all set to culminate at the 31st edition of the dual brand PPV in January. It is one path-breaking match confirmed by the WWE which will change the course of the WWE to a big extent. The virtue of this will break the barrier between the male and female division.

So, it is certain that the company will not hold back to make this match a must-see one. They will arrange the card as much as stacked to give us a one-of-a-kind appearance. Despite not having 30 names in the female division, the Raw GM has confirmed that 30 women will appear in the match which is an indication that there will be multiple surprise names in store on that night.

Recently PWInsider.com gave us big updates about two names that have been almost confirmed to reappear for this contest. The first name is Molly Holly who is said to be locked on by the officials, for now. The source has stated that she can be considered as the first one in the list of the returnees.

This former champion is also considered to be as one of the WWE Hall of Fame inductees, as well, for the class of 2018. It means that she will be back to work with the company in the Wrestlemania season. Considering that she is in great shape despite staying away from the ring for a long time, her presence can certainly be assumed.

Apart from this name, another name mentioned by the source is of Michelle McCool. The officials are said to be in touch with the former women’s champion to lock her name, as well. In recent times, she was interested in coming back for one match, as well. Hence, this might be a great opportunity to participate in the historical matchup.

Her husband, The Undertaker will be present on WWE Raw 25th anniversary, and Michelle can be back on board with him. However, WWE would not reveal her presence until the night of Royal Rumble appears. They will try to hide the surprise appearances, as much as possible.