WWE News: John Cena and Nikki Bella Hosted Engagement Party

Arindam Paul / 18 January 2018

John Cena and Nikki Bella might be the cutest wrestling couple of all-time. WWE portrays these two as the franchise players of the company who always show up when the company needs them. Being two of the mainstream stars present in the industry, they bring all the attention to the show, all the time.

It is why they received one of the greatest Wrestlemania moments of all-time, last year. In the middle of the ring, John Cena bent down on his knees to finally ask Nikki’s hand in front of 75000 people. It was a surreal moment on the screen and the first-ever time that we saw one real-life couple getting engaged on live TV.

Ever since then, the speculations are quite higher about their wedding date. With almost one year passed by, we might be inching closer to the much-anticipated date when the top players from the WWE will tie the knot. It will also be a pleasant scene for millions of their fans around the world.

Recently, the two of them threw an engagement party as revealed by WWE.com. The official website of the company disclosed that the party was hosted on Saturday Night which did not come to the public until this announcement came. Both of them shared Twitter conversations hinting some celebration, and it turned out to be this.
Check out the updates from WWE.com,

“Can we just say it? John Cena & Nikki Bella are absolutely adorable! The couple held their engagement party on Saturday night that had family and friends from both the Cena and Bella clans present. Cena gave the WWE Universe a bit of insight on the incredible experience with this tweet.”

As you can see from John Cena’s words, he has found his true love in the form of Nicole. On several occasions, he admitted the fact that the former women’s champion made him see the life differently. Before meeting this lady, he did not even think of marrying somebody else over which we have seen tons of drama on Total Divas.

However, in recent times, he spoke up about how both Nikki & Brie continued to inspire him,

“They’re just as busy as anyone – they have an apparel line, they have a wine coming out, they’re filming this show, they’re filming another show, [they have] a successful YouTube channel. They are as entrepreneurial as you can get. But they still make time for their family, and they make time for experiences to bring for people who follow them on.”