Ever since Jon ‘Bones’ Jones has won the Lightweight Championship at UFC 214, the rumours are running rampant with a possible matchup between him and the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar. This was due to the newly crowned champion issuing an open challenge to the beast incarnate for facing him in future.

The reigning Universal Champion is not someone to back down from the challenge and addressed it giving a green signal to it. It is a dream capacity match for either pro-wrestling fans or a Mixed Martial Arts fans and hence they should be excited for the same, quite obviously.

‘Bones’ is being considered as the greatest lightweight champion in the history of the UFC promotion after his epic rivalry against Daniel Cormier. The fact that he was able to stop DC in the third round of their bout was a great achievement for Jones. If that was not it then he called out the reckless force known as Brock Lesnar following his match who is also considered as one of all-time greatest performers inside the octagon.

In addition, things have just got heated up with the above picture being shared from the official Facebook account of Jones. It is a custom made poster featuring Jones and Lesnar facing off each other. The lightweight champion is much positive when it comes to the fight against Brock Lesnar and so it should come into fruition, for sure.

Also, he did note on his Twitter handle that he is looking forward to being present at Summerslam. This will allow him to take a close look at the reigning Universal Champion causing ruckus inside the ring. A fan asked him about the same and he came up with the positive answer.

Quite interestingly, WWE also addressed this altercation in a recent video to make the hype ups bigger around the upcoming Universal Championship match at Summerslam.

Lesnar is still under contract with WWE until Wrestlemania 34. Plus, he is still banned from competing in MMA fights for suspension. So, when it comes to reality, the match cannot take place prior to next year’s summer.

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