League of Nations to split soon and go their own way

WWE News: League of Nations to split soon and go their individual way

There are three stables in WWE right now and they are the League of Nations, The Wyatt family and the Social Outcasts. Going by the history stables does provide with better effect in WWE Storyline but nothing really much going on with the League of Nations and most importantly nobody really cannot connecting with the international brethren, WWE has apparently taken the decision to split them up. The officials and the creative team too are not happy with them being united and they are not intending to keep the stable intact.
As per the reports from wrestlingINC.com, there is no concrete news about when the group will split up eventually but the exclusion of King Barrett from the group was the first step of splitting them up. As of now, they are with one less member and got mugged by the Wyatt family for two consecutive weeks. The feud is going to continue until these two groups lock horns eventually and that is most probably going to happen at Payback.

League of Nations was founded back in last December, the time when Sheamus became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Survivor Series. With Sheamus as the lead, the stable also included Alberto Del Rio, Rusev, and King Barrett. The name of the group “League of Nations” came in a way, as the members of it were not born in the United States and came together to proudly represent their respective nations in WWE.
The specific motto to create the group was to destroy Roman Reigns who won back the WWE championship from Sheamus, the night after TLC. They aligned themselves with the Authority and started targeting Reigns for weeks. Later, they focused on capturing the WWE tag team championship but the champions, New Day defeated them on different occasions.
The night after Wrestlemania when they failed once again to capture the gold, King Barrett was kicked out of the group as the weak link and perhaps, showing the first crack among them.

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