It was reported earlier, that Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett have left their former employer, The Impact Wrestling promotion in March. They followed a string of superstars who could not come to an agreement with the new owners of the Impact Wrestling promotion i.e. Anthem Sports.

The Hardy Boyz, Drew McIntyre were the others who already joined WWE. Going by the latest reports, it should not take a long time until we see Mike and Maria joining the WWE roster. WWE has always wanted to keep this deal under the wrap which should be unveiled soon.

As stated by the reports from the Dirty Sheets Podcast, Maria and Mike Bennett have either already signed a deal with the WWE or will sign it from any time now. The two parties were supposed to have talked over how they might be used. WWE primarily wanted to use the couple on NXT, whereas the pair wanted to get into the main roster.

Apparently, the discussion might have come to fruition, recently which suggests that they will be used on Smackdown Live. Further reports from state that they were spotted backstage at Tuesday Night’s show for the past few weeks. It only means that they are already signed with the company and just a matter of time before they show up.

The biggest constraint on Maria Kanellis resigning with the company was her rift with The Bella Twins. back when she left, Nikki and Brie Bella was the supposed reason behind it. Later, Maria released a detailed statement how the conflict might have risen.

Back then, Maria was paired with Dolph Ziggler on-screen, whereas Nikki was the real-life girlfriend of him. This started a fall through between the ladies. Once Maria’s contract was over, The Bella Twins never allowed her to renew it. Here are the excerpts from Maria’s comments:

“We were all hanging out, having fun and dancing. I was dancing with him. I was dancing with the girls. I was dancing with the other people that were there. So all of a sudden when I’m dancing with Dolph I get a tap on the shoulder and it’s Nikki Bella going, ‘what are you doing?’ And I said, ‘uh, dancing with my friend?’ And she’s like, ‘oh, he’s with me.’ I said ‘okaaaay, sure.”

The conflict is supposedly ended between the two of them which paved the way for Maria’s return after almost nine years. The couple would be a big asset to the company since they can also be utilised in the Total Divas show.

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