WWE Superstars, The New Day has arrived in India, last night. The team was missing their vocal cord, Xavier Woods’ services since he did not join his buddies, Big E and Kofi Kingston, here. But, that did not stop them from being at the top of their A-game.

The promotional activities started with last night’s appearance on IPL Extra Innings T20 before the match between Gujarat Lions vs. Delhi Daredevils.

They were all excited to be a part of the IPL, last night and continued their antics on the show to entertain the hosts and the other guests. You can watch the clippings from the show below which makes us remind that they have not lost a bit of their charisma since appearing last on live television.

Big E stated the following to the IPL host Samir Kochar regarding his interest in IPL and Cricket:
“We are really excited to be part of such a huge phenomenon like the IPL. Cricket is a very big deal in this country and we are very happy to be part of that fanfare.”

On the show, Ravi Shastri and Australian batting opener, Mathew Hayden took a short class of Kofi Kingston teaching him how to hold a bat and defend an incoming delivery. Prior to that, Big E had an arm-wrestling contest with both Samir and Hayden. It is needless to mention who came up as the victorious.

The New Day will continue the promotional activities until May 12th as part of their three-day tour. They are supposed to take part in local sports events in Mumbai to make WWE contents even more popular to India.

Once the tour is finished, we can expect to see them debuting on Smackdown Live, finally. This was on the hold for quite sometimes due to the injury of Kofi Kingston. Now that he is cleared to compete, there should not be any bar.

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