WWE News: Paul Heyman is Set For a Big Announcement on Summerslam, Tonight

Arindam Paul / 03 August 2017

As the biggest event of the summer is approaching, things are just heating up day by day. When it comes to the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar, he is all set to feature in his fourth Summerslam main event this year while defending the prime title from the flagship brand. This event can be considered as the beast’s playground considering he has not lost a match here since returning to the company in 2012.

The scenario, this year is quite different, as Brock Lesnar is being forced to defend his championship against three other names from Raw in a fatal-4-way match. Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Samoa Joe are the three marquee names who will try to snatch the title away from Lesnar. It will be a no DQ affair where the champion will have no advantages, whatsoever.

Quite evidently, this was reflected on Paul Heyman’s words on this past week’s Raw when he threatened to leave WWE alongside his client if Lesnar drops the title at Summerslam. Now, the situation has become even more intriguing considering that the advocate general for the Universal Champion will address the WWE Universe with a bigger announcement, tonight.

There’s no update as of what it is going to be, exactly but we learned that it will be related to the Summerslam weekend. The news was first broken by WWE host, Scott Stanford on his Twitter account. He not only works for the WWE but also for PIX11 in New York City. An interview will go down from 10.45 EST with Paul Heyman where the news is set to be revealed.

Stanford already had a conversation with Heyman regarding this issue on Twitter as you can see below:

The attorney of Brock Lesnar has already hinted that WWE might lose their biggest box office attraction following the Summerslam event and tonight might go on step forward to threaten the company with another shocking announcement.