WWE News: Possible Outcome of Alexa Bliss vs Bayley Match at Summerslam

Arindam Paul / 02 August 2017

It was pretty hard for the Sasha Banks’ fans to witness the outcome of the number one contender’s match between The Boss and Bayley. The Raw GM made the match official between these two babyface superstars to determine the number one contender for Raw Women’s title. Considering that Sasha was the one with momentum by her side, fans thought that it would be her to emerge victoriously.

Plus, Bayley has singles matches in recent PPVs against Alexa Bliss which she had lost badly. So, there were little hopes that she would get another chance to the title, at this early. But, it has been made official now that Bayley will challenge Alexa Bliss at the biggest event of the summer, indeed.

This strange decision of giving Bayley another shot to the Women’s title was discussed in the recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio by Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer. They came up with numerous outcomes that may have led the creative team to come to this juncture before the biggest party of the summer.

It’s no wonder that the feud between Sasha Banks and Bayley is going to happen at some point. According to them, Summerslam is going to mark the beginning of the much-anticipated rivalry. The first option for the outcome of the match was stated as Bayley earning a clean pin against Bliss. The latter one has beaten her in recent times for quite a few times. So, this is going to be her redemption moment.

This victory will lead to a Bayley vs. a heel Sasha feud that will continue for the rest of the summer over the Raw Women’s Championship. If this direct way is not taken by the writers then Sasha will end up distracting Bayley during the match at Summerslam which will officially mark her heel turn and the beginning of the rivalry.

If the heel turn costs Bayley the championship, once again then Alexa Bliss would walk out as the winner. In that case, she will start feuding with Nia Jax over the title. The sources also declared that the possibility of the reigning champion getting a clean pin is certainly less. Rather, there will be some sort of interference in between the title match, for sure.