Ever since the feud between the Undertaker and Roman Reigns was pitched, the sources suggest that it is the process for the later one to get over. This is due to a push that is reserved for him during the post-Wrestlemania season.

It is being wildly speculated that Brock Lesnar will walk out of Orlando as the new Universal champion. The question is that who will challenge and beat him for the title, afterward. WWE is likely to place none other than Roman Reigns in this slot and hence a win against the Undertaker might be inevitable at this year’s Wrestlemania.

The veteran wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer discussed the outcome of this match in his latest reports in Wrestling Observer Newsletter where he supported the fact. He said that the creative is indeed planning to reincarnate the feud between Reigns and Lesnar.

This was originally planned after Wrestlemania 31 which did not come to fruition due to fan reaction. We can also say that the people will give the same reaction to if Reigns wins due to the post-Mania planning. This is what Meltzer commented in his report:

“The finish here is very interesting. People will passionately hate the idea of Reigns winning, but if the idea is to go to Reigns as the guy to beat Lesnar (which was the plan at WrestleMania two years ago but they held back based on crowd reaction, which has only gotten worse since then), then Reigns shouldn’t lose to Undertaker at this stage of the game.”

The wrestling pundit also stated that how this feud would make Roman Reigns the biggest heel in the company despite what WWE thinks. Here are his comments regarding the matter:

“Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns. No matter what the long-term plan is as far as Reigns and a heel turn, he will be the biggest heel on the show.”

There’s no denying that the Undertaker’s aura is something much bigger than any other superstar on the WWE roster. No one in the history of the company has been able to go beyond and perhaps, will not. So, it will be quite strange if the creative is seriously thinking of giving a win to the Samoan Superstar. It would do severe damage to the already wounded career of him.

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