WWE News: Potential Partner For Ronda Rousey At Wrestlemania

Arindam Paul / 22 February 2018

As reported earlier, Ronda Rousey is all set to perform at Wrestlemania or the first time ever in a mixed tag team match.

As reported earlier, Ronda Rousey is all set to perform at Wrestlemania or the first time in a mixed tag team match. The former UFC superstar arrived at the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world at Royal Rumble forcing the world to speculate about her first match inside the squared circle.

Most of the fans do believe that it would be a title match that will feature either against the Raw or Smackdown women’s champion. However, Ronda is still considered to be a rookie in the pro-wrestling business and has to prove her potential before getting a shot to the title.

Considering this, WWE might be arranging a feud against Stephanie McMahon for her. Continuing an angle from 2015 Wrestlemania, Ronda Rousey is supposed to team up with The Rock against the power couple of the WWE, i.e., Triple H and Stephanie. A one-off segment among these four became wildly popular, three years ago which is why a full-fledged match is being arranged.

It is needless to say that The Rock is the favorite candidate for this mixed tag team action. However, the man is busier than ever with his Hollywood career and might not be able to reserve a date for wrestling on April 8th. Hence a backup name is needed. According to the reports of Sports Illustrated, a former world champion is likely to make Rock’s absence.

Seth Rollins is the name who is the front-runner for the backup. Kurt Angle could be a viable name, but at Survivor Series PPV, he worked in a hurt condition. Considering his physical state, it is not likely that he will be given a spot on the Wrestlemania match card.

Even Shane McMahon could have been a better choice. But, he does belong to a different brand and bringing him into an angle would not be suitable. Plus, he has already been involved in a feud against Daniel Bryan. Hence, Rollins remains the only choice for the creative heads. Check out the reason behind the same, (courtesy SportsKeeda.com)

“It seems that the man that the company has left is Seth Rollins. Since Jason Jordan has already been ruled out of WrestleMania, WWE has no other plans for The Architect and since he faced Triple H at last year’s WrestleMania and won, it seems that they could claim that he has a history with both of Ronda’s opponents.”