WWE News: Reason Why WWE Is Splitting Up Rusev And Aiden English

WWE: Reason Why WWE is Splitting Up Rusev and Aiden English

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WWE does not treat Rusev and Aiden English as the audience’s favourite superstars despite their popularity. Wherever these two go, they get a standing ovation from the crowd.

The audience loves to react to the voice of the former member of the Vaudevillains. Going over from that dud team, he earned quite a fame accompanying Rusev.

The Rusev Day chants reached a new level with English singing it with efforts, on every single show. However, the team might not remain for a long time. Lana has now come back to on-screen TV programming to start a new stint, probably. It might begin by aligning with her husband, once again.

The same hint was given on this past edition of Smackdown Live where Lana appeared in a backstage segment. She had some advice for her husband following the loss against The Undertaker. According to her, something is holding him back. She tried to note that it was none other than Aiden English.

So, despite what WWE thinks of Aiden as a good singer, WWE might be intending to bury him at the hands of Rusev. The speculations suggest that the Bulgarian Brute will soon turn on his partner. It would portray him as the vicious heel on the roster. Furthermore, getting back Lana on his side will give a boost to his career, as well.

Dave Meltzer talked about this topic in his report from Wrestling Observer Radio where he declared Aiden is not that much of a big star, according to the WWE officials. So, it’s bound that at one point, he will be kicked out by Rusev from the ally. He would go back to his previous days where Lana acted her manager and made him the strong villain on the roster.

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“The reality is that Aiden English doesn’t have a look they like, that’s all I can say. His wrestling is fine, his singing is much better than Elias, he’s gotten somebody over like real big, but they’re not going to put that tag team over. We’ve seen it because if they were, they would have done it already.”

“You know Lana and Rusev they’ve always had a good main event act together Rusev and English is in their minds clearly a very mid-card losing tag team act. You know to give people a few laughs and a little chant. So it’s best for all concerned to put [Lana and Rusev] back together again.”

We can certainly remember the dominant run that the Bulgarian Brute had after his debut on the main roster.

Lana acted as the major role in his success, throughout before pursuing a singles career for herself. Now that she is no more allowed to compete inside the ring, she can go back to her previous job.

It would give momentums to the drowning career of Rusev, too.

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