WWE News: Roman Reigns heel turn upon return postponed

Arindam Paul / 09 July 2016

It was weeks prior that Roman Reigns got suspended from WWE for 30 days due to a wellness policy violation. The news turned the pro-wrestling industry upside down like a storm. It sucked everyone’s attention all over the world and further created a huge impact on the WWE.
Though, it was thought that it would turn out to be a blessing in disguise for WWE as this would pave the way for the much-anticipated heel turn for Roman Reigns. But now according to the report of cagesideseats.com Reigns always divided the house upon an appearance to any WWE arena and so he will continue to be the same polarizing figure upon return. There is no indication that he change sheds when he shows up for the title match at Battleground.
June 21st will be the day when his suspension will be withdrawn. Being a first-time wellness policy violator his span of the suspension was for 30 days.
With the fans getting frustrated with Reigns being a face and embracing him with continuous boos was supposed to mark his heel turn at Battleground but once again WWE Creative going to keep Roman reigns’ future at stake.

Previously, it was reported that Vince McMahon has punished him by dropping his title to Seth Rollins clean and clear at the Money in the Bank event. Apparently, that would be the end of the punishment as Vince wanted to cover up the result of the drug test of Roman Reigns, which came out negative. But, somehow the results has been leaked out around the locker room and Vince had no choice but to suspend his poster boy and announce it publicly.
Later he even had to offer a public apology to the entire locker room as demanded by Director of talent relations, Mark Carrano and the order came straight from WWE COO Triple H.

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