Roman Reigns got suspended from WWE for 30 days due to wellness policy violation of the company. The news has turned the pro-wrestling industry upside down like a storm and spread like a wildfire over the social media. It sucked everyone’s attention all over the world and further created a huge impact on the WWE. It made buzzing everybody with the impact it will make on Roman Reigns’ career, considering he was next on the line to become the face of the company.
The next time Roman Reigns will be stepping into a WWE ring will be at the Battleground PPV where a triple threat match is scheduled for the WWE championship. Meanwhile, the veteran journalist Dave Meltzer addressed the issue on the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Radio. He said that Roman Reigns was ordered to apologize before the entire locker room before he was sent back to home on the last Monday Night he was seen.
The incident received a mixed reaction. While some think it was needed, the other portion thinks there was no need of humiliation like this. Apparently, the order came from WWE senior talent relationship manager, Mark Carrano which indicates that Triple H was behind all of this and not Vince McMahon. It was previously noted that Vince wanted to cover the results of Roman Reigns’ test by any means and wanted to end it by only punishing Reigns.

Apart from this, Roman Reigns had to pay an amount of a $100,000 as a suspension price to the company. As a part of the suspension, he will not be paid by the company during this period when he will be off from TV. However, he will be paid for his royalties and merchandise sales through the company. He was scheduled in various main events in live events and house shows before the suspension.
With this news, one thing is clear that Roman Reigns has already faced tremendous backstage heat. The WWE officials are offended by Reigns’ action and carelessness considering he is to brass in the company. The heat is still not over and may cause Roman Reigns, big time upon return. Many feel this would finally pave his way for a heel turn.

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