WWE News: Ronda Rousey To Seek Redemption On Tonight’s WWE Raw

WWE News: Ronda Rousey to Seek Redemption on Tonight’s RAW

The beginning of the rivalry between Ronda Rousey and Stephanie McMahon has been a focal point in WWE programming, for quite sometimes.

It started back in the Elimination Chamber PPV when Ronda appeared to sign an official contract for the company. It made her a WWE Raw superstar and member of the female roster, officially.

But, things did not go well with her and the commissioner of WWE Raw. According to the revelation made by Kurt Angle, the authority figure was interested in bringing the former UFC superstar under her wing to seek redemption.

In case you have forgotten, these two had a brief altercation at Wrestlemania 31 where Ronda Rousey almost broke Stephanie’s arm.

It was the initial beginning of the storyline angle that is set to culminate a big match at Wrestlemania 34. To take the storyline forward to the biggest event of the year, another such confrontation was arranged on last week’s edition of WWE Raw where the former streak-holder was insulted, once again.

At Elimination Chamber, she was slapped her in the face by the Billion Dollar Princess. So, Ronda demanded an apology and got that. But, his fellow Olympian felt the wrath of Triple H and received a punch to the mouth. It forced the former UFC Bantamweight Champion to post a tweet and say that this is far from over.

So, before this week’s episode of WWE Raw, the preview from WWE.com stated Ronda Rousey would be present on the show seeking redemption against the commissioner. The payback will be worth a watch. It is what was posted on the official website of the company,

“After Ronda Rousey forced Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon to apologize for slapping her at WWE Elimination Chamber, Triple H laid out Raw General Manager Kurt Angle with a cheap shot that left The Olympic Hero laid out on the mat.

Following the altercation, Rousey took to social media to remind Stephanie and The Game that “This is far from over,” hinting that retribution for their actions was forthcoming. Whatever Rousey does next, you won’t want to miss it.”


It will be indeed interesting to see how Ronda Rousey backfires after suffering consecutive insults from her boss. This angle will make her one of the top babyfaces present on the roster, undoubtedly.

Furthermore, PWInsider.com reported the former MMA superstar has already been spotted on Milwaukee, Wisconsin where WWE Raw will be hosted, tonight. Hence, her appearance is confirmed.

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