With nothing really going on with him inside the squared-circle, the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus is busy doing his movie’s promotion, nowadays. He set up the group known as the League of Nations prior to Wrestlemania season which turned out to be an utter failure. Now the group has fallen apart and they had gone their separate ways. Sheamus these days are making quite waves in Hollywood as the leading bad guy in the latest movie of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Below given is a picture of the character played by Sheamus in the movie.


The four-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion will play an enhanced rhinoceros Rocksteady in the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows” movie. Also sharing the screen space with Sheamus is Stephen Amell, star of the TV show Arrow. The two had recently hit it off and the tiff had gone so bad between them that the Irishman wants the Arrow star in the ring. They want to settle their score by trading punches in the ring. Here’s what Sheamus had to say
“He did a stellar performance at SummerSlam. I’d love the opportunity to take him on in the ring! The first time I sat down and met Stephen on set, he surprised me being a huge WWE fan, and so knowledgeable about it for all his life. I talked a bit about what I do, I was like, ‘Oh you know, come off the top rope, this and that,’ then he shows me this video of him doing Parkour, jumping off walls, doing flips, coming down, another flip, jump out to another wall… I was like, oh, I’ll stop talking about myself now. I was pretty impressed”

Stephen Amell has previously had a rivalry with recently released WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes aka Stardust at Summerslam, last year. Amell did stun the Barclays Center with his great agility in the ring. He picked up a victory by teaming up with Neville. The rivalry even went on after Summerslam was over. We can expect a similar appearance from Amell this year, too against Sheamus, as a part of their film’s promotion.

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