Once again, Smackdown Live gained upper hand closing the month of May on a higher note. They come up with a jam-packed episode with some golden announcements which was able to garner all the attentions from the media which in turn took the TV ratings to the highest for the month of May.

The last episode from the blue brand was hosted by Atlanta, Georgia and witnessed an exciting main event featuring the hometown favourite, AJ Styles and the show-off, Dolph Ziggler. But, the one segment that stole the spotlight was the women brawling with each other causing Charlotte putting Natalya through the commentary table.

Afterwards, Shane McMahon came up with the announcement that for the first time ever the women from Smackdown Live will compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Ever since the historic confirmation was made by the commissioner, #SDLive and #MITB is trending on Twitter.

Quite expectedly, the episode conducted on May 30th, 2017 was able to earn a viewership of 2.350 million on an average which was the highest for the month. The lack of ratings for the past four weeks was able to see an upward going, finally.

Smackdown witnessed a huge dip in the ratings in the month of April following the Superstar Shakeup. On April 18th episode, the show has lost approximately 560,000 viewers worldwide. The go-home show for Backlash scored an average 2.178 million viewers but it witnessed a rise (2.378 million) the next week, as Jinder Mahal celebrated his championship in Punjabi style.

The credit for Smackdown scoring the highest for the month of May definitely goes to women’s division. All of them are being utilised in such a way that no one is losing the spotlight. Kudos to the writers of the show to come up with new ideas, every week.

“Wow! First ever Money in the Bank Women’s Ladder Match! Amazing how #SmackdownLive uses their ENTIRE women roster every Tuesday!”
— Nia Jax (@NiaJaxWWE) May 31, 2017

Meanwhile, Raw-superstar Nia Jax posted a tweet taking a shot at her own roster where she claimed how well the blue brand is using their talents, whereas, Raw is focused only on the championship storyline. It is expected that Smackdown will continue with the good ratings with the Money in the Bank build up ongoing.

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