When it comes to the WWE, we are continuously getting updates on some of the former superstars from the locker room probably returning. This is one of the most exciting parts of the WWE programming where the fans can have some fun with an unexpected return. By virtue of the social media, these return rumours just keep the fans on their toes, all the time.

Recently, one such scenario occurred after the former Divas Champion was spotted hanging out with several superstars during a live event.

Kaitlyn is the one we are speaking about who appeared to have a good time during a Smackdown live event during last weekend. She was allowed to go backstage and meet her former colleagues.

She posted several pictures from that evening on her social media accounts. Natalya, Tamina and the Women’s Champion, Naomi were spotted in those pictures. When it comes to Kaitlyn, Big E’s name comes to the equation, obviously considering these two were best of friends, at one point.

So, the former NXT season winner shared a video featuring these two where The New Day member was seen mesmerized after seeing Kaitlyn back on the live event. At one point, WWE even started a romantic storyline angle featuring these two with AJ Lee involved in it, as well.

Now, once the pictures surfaced on the internet, the fans started speculating whether the popular Diva is making her return or not. In recent times such appearances led to a return and considering how agile Kaitlyn was inside the ring, we can definitely expect to see her competing inside the ring.

However, she herself considers that she has retired from the WWE and never intends to make a comeback in the future. So, she is happy with her business venture that is celestialbonin.com where she gets to focus on fitness and clothing. She has joined this business ever since leaving the WWE in the year 2013. Prior to leaving the company, she earned a name as a strong Divas Champion and also pave the way for her successor, AJ Lee.

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