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WWE News: Superstars Reveal Their Biggest Real-Life Fears 

WWE News: Superstars Reveal Their Biggest Real-Life Fears

Getting afraid is one of the most natural instincts of a human being. We do have our phobia that makes us go sick to a certain extent. WWE Superstars are human beings too, and they share the same characters with us, too. Often, we consider them to be either a superhero or super-villain which means that do not possess these human natures, but this is not true, at all.

In a recent article on WWE.com, the topic was discussed to focus the biggest fears of some of the WWE Superstars. Several names like Jeff Hardy, Sasha Banks, Baron Corbin, Renee Young, Rhyno, Nikki Bella and more have disclosed who or which their biggest fear is. This just points out to the fact how much the superstars are made of human flesh and blood despite pulling off those incredible stunts inside the ring.

The high-flyer Jeff Hardy stated that he gets terrified of snakes. Whenever he sees them, it gives chill and makes him shiver. He mentioned that he wouldn’t be able to perform the usual stunts if a serpent appears in front of him. However, he is trying to overcome it by the help of his 6-year old daughter.

Heath Slater and Rhyno both disclosed their fears. The man-beast is terrified of mice and rats. His partner, Heath Slater is afraid of a large number of audience. It is quite an interesting confession considering he is with the WWE for a long time, now and a regular performer in front of thousands of people on live TV.
Nikki Bella revealed that he is afraid of clowns with the following comments:

“For me, it’s spiders and clowns, especially with the movie ‘It’ out right now. Oh, also ‘FOMO.’ That’s probably my biggest phobia. I have a major fear of missing out. And that’s why I never sleep. I always want to be at every party, every event, hanging out with everyone.”

Sasha Banks came up with more of a wrestling fear stating that she fears to fail in whichever move she performs. But, at the same time, it helps her to keep going and be the absolute best, and that’s why she is the boss.

WWE host, Renee Young mentioned a story of her won to reveal her fear by stating the following:
“I am scared of ghosts, and snakes freak me out, as well as anything that touches me under water. Also, I have a huge phobia when it comes to extreme heights. I didn’t realize this until I was hiking Angels Landing in Zion, Utah. The path narrows up there, and then it is this straight drop down to your impending death. I completely froze and couldn’t finish the hike.”

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