WWE News: The Undertaker Hinted Retirement on Raw 25th Anniversary

Arindam Paul / 23 January 2018

The 25th anniversary of WWE Raw was hyped up with plenty of legendary names that were scheduled to return on the show. Amongst all of them, the man who was present on the very first episode was the center of attraction, as always. None other than The Undertaker was scheduled to make his return on the flagship show.

It marked his first appearance after the Wrestlemania 33 match against Roman Reigns. He was expected to address the status of his career which is topic of discussion for the pro-wrestling universe for the last one year. It was also rumoured that he would involve in a new feud to set up the next Wrestlemania match for him.

In the midst of all these, The Undertaker arrived on the scene by the end of the first hour of the show. His appearance was scheduled at the Manhattan Center in New York rather than the actual mainstay show at the Barclays Center. The crowd gave him a standing ovation which was hyped-up as the inevitable return so that he can compete in some more matches.

He was all set to cut a promo at the venue where he was present 25 years ago to kick things off. After doing his signature pose on outside the ring, he took the mic in hand and addressed his career that spun for almost three decades. The Deadman mentioned some of the names like Mankind, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kane and more that have been victimized by him over the years.

The crowd started chanting ‘one more match’ in the midst of his promo which was ignored by The Undertaker. He rather continued focusing on the opponents; he put to sleep. It ended in quick time after he alluded that it’s time that all those opponents he defeated needs to “rest-in-peace” before exiting the ring.

The fans were definitely not pleased remaining in the middle of the confusion with this promo. Rather, the promo hinted at the retirement of the Phenome which was also not liked by the fans. Since he is the man who rises above every single thing, we still can put out faith in him to see one last match featuring him.