Last night’s WWE Raw kicked off in the exact way that the audience wanted it to be. The fans were disappointed to a certain extent for not getting to see the iconic Shield entrance, last week.

This week, they were finally able to hear the spine-chilling “Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Delta, Lima….Shield” theme music, as the faction, arrived through the audience in their original ring-gears.

The crowd in Portland, Oregon went nuts with this and gave a huge reception to the segment, as the Hounds of Justice cut a promo inside the ring as a unit. They called out their TLC opponents to ignite a fight. However, the Raw GM ensured that no brawl got underway among them. It was a great start to the show.

The rest of the show failed to cope up with the way that it began. We expected to witness a power-packed match between Rollins-Ambrose and Sheamus-Cesaro. However, it fell short to a great extent. The champions picked up quite an easy win.

Even, all the other matches fell short to a great extent, as all of them got booked in a random way. However, the finish of the show was great and hyped up the upcoming TLC main event to a great extent.

Nobody expected to witness Kane as the fifth member of the team led by The Miz. But, The Demon Kane returned to give a message to the reunited Shield that a monumental challenge is waiting for them at TLC PPV. The present audience as well as the IWC was shocked to see this return and reacted on Twitter,

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