We are getting plenty of names for the upcoming Mixed Match Challenge contest that will kick-start from next week onwards. Already, we have received a number of pairs to participate in the series that will take place just after next week’s Smackdown Live. It will stream exclusively on Facebook Live with the winners using the money for charity.

Till date, Charlotte Flair-Bobby Roode, Jimmy Uso-Naomi, and Rusev-Lana have been paired from the Smackdown Live division to compete in this series. At this time, two more teams were added to the mix. The first one was Becky Lynch who will join forces with Sami Zayn.

The Irish Lass-kicker was absent from WWE programming for quite sometimes with kayfabe injury. She was away to film the Marine 6 movie with The Miz, in reality. After returning to the show in the first episode of 2018 not only she threw her name to the historic women’s Royal Rumble match but also will be seen in this path-breaking concept which will be hosted on the social media platform.

The ally is going to be quite an unlikely between these two, as Sami Zayn is a heel, whereas, Becky Lynch is a prime babyface. Addressing the dislike, this is what WWE.com had to offer on this pairing,

“If Zayn seriously intends to move beyond such animosity and dedicate himself to working with Lynch in the Mixed Match Challenge, their intensity and will to win could result in a true tour-de-force against any tandem they face. Upon learning that she had been paired with Zayn, an ecstatic Lynch expressed that she would “bring back the old Sami, the good Sami.” In response, Zayn promised to “bring out the best in Becky Lynch.”

The other team chosen by the Smackdown general manager consist of the same equation of heel and babyface. It will be Shinsuke Nakamura teaming up with Natalya. With Nattie always throwing tantrums, it might be difficult for The Artist to cope up with his partner.

But, if they start to roll, they might be unstoppable considering their veteran skills. Here’s what WWE.com had predicted for them,

“A graduate of the infamous Hart Family Dungeon, as well as a former SmackDown Women’s and Divas Champion, Natalya has shown time and time again that her technical expertise is second to none. Mixed with the charismatic Strong Style of the two-time NXT Champion, this combination promises to present a tag team arsenal so dynamic, so explosive.”

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