Quite expectedly, Wrestlemania 33 marked the end of Goldberg’s second stint in the WWE. He signed a contract with the company for a just one-off match at the Survivor Series against Brock Lesnar.

But, the overwhelming response of the fans kept him ongoing with the WWE run. Vince McMahon also lets him go with a title run at WWE Fastlane. In another squash match, Goldberg defeated Kevin Owens to pick up the title and made his third and final bout against Brock Lesnar, a title match.

Now, since news were already out that Goldberg’s WWE deal will end at Wrestlemania 33, Brock Lesnar took the title away from him. It is said that Lesnar was the only reason behind Goldberg’s return to the business after 12 long years.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter gave some updates about his latest status in the WWE. They stated that The Myth is not under a performer contract, anymore. That has expired the day after Wrestlemania.

However, the company signed him to a deal where they can still sell his merchandises and share profit with him. There is still no future planning around him, as WWE creative does not want to be in a hurry.
The reason behind the same is that no other promotion intends to sign the legend.

They will not be able to offer the same amount of money to him that WWE has. So, a sudden planning can be expected if Vince McMahon feels that way.

Previously, Goldberg appeared in the post-segment of Monday Night Raw, the night after Wrestlemania. He indicated that considering his age it was his last run in the pro-wrestling business, perhaps. But then again, he uttered the word, ‘never say never’ again to remind us that nothing can be solidified when it comes to this business.

It would not be so wrong to say that we would see him again in the WWE ring considering the amount of money he would be able to generate with every appearance.

At this point of time, the former WCW franchise would also not be able to let a heavy offer. So, we have to wait for the perfect time and place to let a return happen.

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