WWE News: Update On A Heel-Turn For Roman Reigns At Wrestlemania
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WWE News: Update On A Heel-Turn For Roman Reigns At Wrestlemania

Ever since last year's Wrestlemania passed by, the main event for the next edition was set between Reigns and Lesnar.

Ever since last year’s Wrestlemania, the main event for the next edition was set. As we approach towards the 34th season of the biggest event of the year, the match remains constant, according to the planning of the officials. Brock Lesnar is still the Universal Champion waiting for Roman Reigns to challenge him for the title.

The place where the Big Dog finally becomes the official contender for the title is at the Elimination Chamber PPV. He is the most favorite to win the match to be contested inside the demonic structure to face the force that has been undefeated for the last one year. He will finally dethrone the title-holder to prove that he is the franchise player of the company.

It is evident that Roman Reigns will surely conquer ‘The Conqueror’ considering that WWE’s contract with the beast incarnate will come to an end after Wrestlemania.

The scenario is similar to that of from 2015 where these two featured in main event Wrestlemania. Unlike that year, Brock Lesnar might not renew the contract.

This leaves WWE in a state where they will no more have the monster heel on the roster in the form of Lesnar. From 2012, this man played the role, effectively which is why a replacement is must for the company. According to the reports from SportsKeeda, none but Roman Reigns is going to be the most fitting option.

The update stated that even if Lesnar leaves WWE, Paul Heyman will continue to stay around here. Hence, it will be interesting to see him betraying his client in his last WWE fight by getting aligned with the Samoan Superstar. Imagine how Reigns can benefit by having a promoter like Heyman by his side after he turns into a heel.
Check out the quotes from the source,

“It’s not that crazy if you really think about it. Assuming WWE wants to keep Paul around, Roman is the next best option for a big bad heel and in the long run, a heel turn is what Roman needs for him to win over those who detest him.”

It is not the first-time that Heyman will turn on against Brock Lesnar. Previously, his betrayal helped Big Show to win the WWE Championship back at Survivor Series 2002. Plus, Roman Reigns becoming a villain is a long-time coming. For the last three years, the audience booed him out of the Wrestlemania buildings and this year; there will not be an exception. Hence, the much-needed character change will justify the reactions, as well.

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