The arguments between Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon has been a routine one during the televised episodes of Raw and the PPVs for the past couple of months. Being totally opposite characters on the TV, it was expected that the disagreement will reach to an extreme point.

It happened on this past week’s Monday Night Raw when Foley attacked Triple H after being verbally assaulted by Stephanie. This might led to the commissioner finally firing Foley as the General Manager of Raw and appoint someone new to the post.

Reports from various sources suggested that Mick Foley’s job on the flagship show is almost over since his contract will expire following Wrestlemania. The next episode of Raw might see the inevitable of Stephanie relieving Foley of his duties of a GM. A new one will be appointed in due course with the same babyface persona like Foley.

Now, this was the storyline process of keeping Foley off the WWE TV whereas the reality is something else. He is due for a surgery after which he will need rest to heal the wounds. This is why he had posted on Facebook, previously hinting that the Raw GM post will be up for grabs. Take a look at his quotes:

“I’ll be getting my right hip replaced whenever I have a break in my schedule. The bad news is that a hip replacement will not allow me to fly for about six weeks, due to potential blood clotting issues – which can be fatal.

“Really nothing to play around with. The good news is that the GM position doesn’t offer much in the way of long-term job security – so that break might present itself as a natural course of events.”

Kurt Angle’s name is highly anticipated when it comes to filling up the void created by Foley in the near future. After getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, he is expected to appear on television on a regular basis and this post might be the suitable one for him.

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