WWE News: Update on Ronda Rousey’s Appearance at Royal Rumble

Arindam Paul / 18 January 2018

As per the recent speculations, Ronda Rousey is one of the favourites to win the inaugural Royal Rumble match for the women superstars. Being the first-ever such match, the company is likely to host this in a big way with a surprise winner in-store setting up a championship match at Wrestlemania. The betting odds are favouring the former UFC Bantamweight Champion to a big extent.

She is the one to appear on the 30th spot at the Rumble match and eliminate all the other women to claim the number one contender’s position for the women’s title. Asuka is expected to be the winner by the time of Wrestlemania to set up a title match between the two which will be a dream match for the pro-wrestling fans.

However, going by the actual scenario, it is unlikely that Ronda Rousey will be getting a chance to appear in the Royal Rumble match. According to the current reports, she has some big-time commitments on her way which might bar her from performing in the WWE, anytime soon.

Pro-wrestling sheet confirmed that the MMA superstar will be shooting for a film by the time of Royal Rumble and will be in no condition to appear in the match. She will be seen in an important role in the upcoming Mark Wahlberg film called Mile 22. The current schedule suggests that Ronda will be filming the movie on Bogota, Columbia when WWE will reach the last lap for the Rumble event.

The camp of Ronda Rousey wants to let the superstar compete in the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world, someday but there has not been a confirmed deal between the two parties, at this point. Still, the talks are going on between them. Unless a paper deal gets signed, there are fewer chances that we would see Ronda competing in the WWE in the near future.

Owing to this, WWE might have nixed out the possibility of holding the much-anticipated match between the two four horsewomen factions in the WWE and UFC. However, WWE is always filled up with unpredictability where we can always ‘expect the unexpected’. Depending on this, we can definitely expect some positive outcomes by the time we reach to Royal Rumble PPV.