Last week on Smackdown Live, Eva Marie got injured while getting ready for a match. She was seen hopping down from the middle rope and seemingly captured his right knee after that. It was reported that she suffered a hamstring injury and the referee called off the match.
This week Eva Marie suffered a wardrobe malfunction and the referee had no choice but to call off the match abruptly. Now, the locker room and Becky Lynch doubted the legitimacy of the injury of Eva and spoke up how she is escaping from an Irish Lass-kicking weeks after week.

It was also reported that the All-red everything trend is about to take over Smackdown Live since WWE creative thinks that she can be established as the top most heel in the locker room. Upon getting re-launched in the main roster, Eva has started her villainous acts from the get going and all of these are supposed to be part of the storyline.
However, the internet thinks otherwise and started to send positive vibes for Eva Marie starting trend with #PrayForEva.

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