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WWE Night of champions Preview and Predictions

The match card of Night of Champions is not much exciting. It has a total of seven matches (including the Pre show) where most of the matches look easily predictable. This is the first Night of Champions PPV event where the Intercontinental championship will not be defended. But since the past PPV’s after WrestleMania 29 were not bad, we hope this one would not disappoint the fans either. Let us make predictions of all the Night of Champions matches.


WWE championship – Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan : The most anticipated match of the night. Though, we have seen these two wrestlers fighting against each other for a number of times in past, but this time it is much bigger. This time they are involved in a great storyline, this time, they will fight for the ultimate pride, the WWE championship. A lot of things can happen in this match, it is really difficult to predict who is going to win this match. I think Edge might get involved in this match. Keeping in mind all the incidents took place in the past week of Raw and Smackdown, we can’t deny the fact that Edge would be nowhere near in this match. I think Daniel Bryan is going to win this match. The storyline can turn to two different ways, one; Bryan wins it clean and the storyline goes on, and two, Bryan wins by disqualification and the storyline follows in a different way. I don’t think Orton is going to retain the title by a clean victory.


World Heavyweight championship – Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam : going to be an entertaining match but I think it is predictable. I think Alberto is going to retain. I don’t see any chances of Van Dam becoming the World Heavyweight champion at this stage. Ricardo could backstab Van Dam, Alberto might not have a clean victory, but in either cases, I think Alberto is going to retain anyway.


Fatal 4 way match for the Divas championship – AJ Lee vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Cameron : The match looks a bit interesting because it is a fatal 4 way match. Such matches for divas are really very uncommon these days. AJ and Natalya are the only two interesting parts of this match. Brie Bella is a bad professional wrestler, Cameron, though, has some skills. We predict AJ Lee is going to retain. We predict a victory for AJ Lee.

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2 on 1 elimination match – Intercontinental champion Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk : The match is a part of a very good storyline but does this look really interesting at all? This is the first time in the Night of Champions History where the intercontinental championship is being defended. And half of the bottom line is very much predictable. Axel is going to get eliminated. After Axel’s elimination, here comes the actual part prediction, I think what would happen after that is, Brock Lesnar would interfere during the match and would help Heyman to pin Punk.

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WWE United States Championship – Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler : I don’t think Ziggler is going to win this one. Our prediction goes in favor Dean Ambrose. It is really bad to see that Ziggler is turning into a jobber. It felt really bad when he lost to Bray Wyatt on last week’s Raw. Ziggler would not be elevated to the main events very soon, he has to perform in the mid-card status for a while. So our prediction for this match is, Ambrose is going to win and retain.


Tag Team turmoil dark match : The winner of this pre show match will face The Shield for the tag team championship. I think the Prime Time Players are going to win this match. Since the Shield is a heel stable, we don’t see any chance of a heel team winning this match. The Usos are not going to win because they have feuded The Shield in past and Tons of Funk, well they are jobbers and I don’t see they are going to face Shield for the tag team titles. 3MB and Real Americans are heel teams, so they are not going to win.

Tag team championship match :  Doesn’t matter whoever wins in the tag team turmoil dark match, The Shield will retain the tag team gold. And they will retain it for a pretty long time. They are really good performers, so whoever they face, it would be a good and entertaining match. So like I said, our prediction for this match is, The Shield is going to retain the tag team championships.

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