The video promo of the feud between WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon was shown. They show how Bryan got injured at Extreme Rules during his match against the Big Red machine, how Stephanie McMahon demanded Daniel Bryan to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight championship, how Daniel Bryan explained to the world that she wanted him to surrender the title for herself because he defeated her husband at WrestleMania XXX and he denied to surrender the title. Stephanie McMahon threatened Daniel Bryan to submit title by Payback else she would fire his wife Brie Bella from WWE.

Stephanie McMahon entered the arena first. The fans booed her thoroughly. She thanked the fans first for the warm welcome. She said that it was a historic night; would Daniel Bryan do the right thing and surrender the WWE World Heavyweight championship or would he force her to fire Brie Bella. It was the time to find it out and he called Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan came out with his wife Brie Bella and the fans greeted her with the yes chants. Stephanie said that before he would say what she wanted hear, she wanted to say that she was so glad that she brought Brie. It was the time for him to show to his wife and future children that he did the right thing for the fans or he would be selfish.

Bryan said that actually he was thinking that it was long shot but it might be an opportunity for her because he was not sure if she heard the reaction of the fans when she entered the arena. The fans booed Stephanie. Stephanie said that it did not change the fact that she was the boss and he had a decision to make.

Bryan said that he would give her an opportunity to change their minds, the opportunity to show that she could do the right thing. He said that he fought hard to main event WrestleMania and win the title. The fans chanted CM Punk. Stephanie said that these people wanted him to quit just like CM Punk did. She threatened him to surrender the title else she would fire his wife.

Bryan said that she talked about their potential children, but her children were watching it, are they were seeing that their mother was a narcissistic, self centered, and Brie said on the mic B*tch.

Stephanie McMahon laughed and said now she could see who had the real guts in the family. She said to Brie that she did all the right things, but she made a poor choice in in choosing her husband. Brie said to Daniel that both of them of knew what the right thing to be done was.

Stephanie asked for the titles from Daniel. Daniel attempted to surrender the title but Brie prevented her and said that she refused to be a powerless victim and Stephanie did not control her. Stephanie said that she did because she worked for her. Brie said that she could not fire her and shouted ‘I Quit!’. Stephanie McMahon started laughing and Brie slapped her right into the face. Stephanie left the ring in shock. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella chanted yes!


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