WWE Payback Prediction

Jeet / 02 June 2014

There are not enough expectations from this pay per view event, however, a number of matches and events are quite anticipated. There is a positive thing about this event, most of the matches are not much predictable. Nowadays, pay per views are too predictive, but this event is a bit different. So let us try to predict the bottom lines of the matches and let us see how many of our predictions matches;

WWE World Heavyweight championship match has not been scheduled yet but surely, there will be a match having the title on the line. I do not remember a pay per view without a world championship match since I am a WWE fan. A segment has been announced by Stephanie McMahon on last week’s Monday Night Raw where Daniel Bryan has to surrender his championship and if he does not, his wife Brie Bella will be fired from WWE.

But surely, Daniel Bryan will not surrender his championship, and even if he does, there will be a match for the vacant championship on the same night and he will win his championship back straight. The fact of the matter is, Daniel Bryan will walk out as the WWE World Heavyweight champion from Payback.

According to all the rumors and possibilities, Daniel Bryan will defend his championship (or, if the championship gets vacated, he will fight for the title against Kane) against Kane. And without any doubt, Daniel Bryan will retain the championship (or, if the title gets vacated, he will win it again). The rivalry might continue after the event of Payback, but after Kane’s second straight defeat, the effect of this feud will surely be faded. So even if the storyline continues including Kane, it would be needed some changes.

No Holds Barred Six man elimination match – The Shield vs. Evolution – However, I would say a victory for Evolution would be the best possible result for this match, but I think The Shield will get their second straight victory. Before I talk about this match, one thing I must say is, the members of The Shield must not be given any mic moment, especially Dean Ambrose, his mic skill is absolutely awful. Roman Reigns might be a good professional wrestler, but he is not special in the mic either. Seth Rollins is comparatively the best on the mic among the three but he is no JBL either.

Now, it is time to talk about this match. Arguably, this is would be the most anticipated match of the night and it could be the best match of the night as well. The stipulation of the match is quite interesting and we are expecting to have the best out of it. Our prediction goes for the Shield, we think they will be given their second straight victory.

WWE Intercontinental championship – Bad News Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam – This match is a little bit predictable but surely, it would be a very good contest. We have got no doubt on the wrestling skills of either one of these individuals. And talking about Bad News Barrett, this guy has improved quite good seriously. I am sure he will be one of the candidates of Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Most Improved Wrestler category this season. His wrestling skill was never bad, the problem was, he was not much interesting, neither had he had good mic skill. Now, he is back with both specialties. We believe Barrett will retain his Intercontinental championship run against Rob Van Dam at Payback.

WWE United States championship – Sheamus vs. Cesaro – This is a very good match to be listed in the card. Without any doubt, we can say that it would be a superb match. Both are marvelous wrestlers and we all know what they are capable of doing. This is not first time these two athletes are going head to head. We have seen them wrestling for a number of times before. But this time they will enter the ring with a purpose and surely this is going to be the match between the two. Predicting the result is a little difficult in this match, Cesaro is having a large push and Sheamus on the other hand just got the championship a month ago. We predict Sheamus will retain the championship.

Last man Standing match – John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt – One rivalry that must come to an end at this event is this one. We all know that this would be very good match, still, a very few are looking ahead at this one. The base of the feud is really weak. Bray Wyatt’s best feud since his debut was against Daniel Bryan, and this storyline has nothing common to this one. Both are doing their best to keep this feud alive, but it is unfortunate that the base of this feud is too weak. Whoever wins, it has to finish at payback. We predict a victory for Bray Wyatt in this match.

Rusev vs. Big E – This is a very good addition to the card, however, it is a little bit predictable. But both are young talents, both will give their best in this match. We predict a victory for the Bulgarian Brute in this match.

WWE Divas championship – Paige vs. Alicia Fox – It would be a good match for sure but it has to be given a stipulation. We have not seen any special stipulation match in a long time. There was a point giving one in this match, but they did not provide any, Paige and Alicia Fox a lot of times before so I do not see anything special outcome from this match. We predict a victory for Paige in this match.

Mask vs. Hair match – El Torito vs. Hornswoogle – Obviously, this match cannot be overlooked as a match between two midgets. The stipulation of this match really makes things very interesting. Hornswoogle should win this match as he lost back to back against El Torito but looks like El Torito will be provided the victory.

Another match that was rumored to be added was Adam Rose vs. Jack Swagger. It could not make its place to the card but there is a possibility of adding it during the night. So let us make a prediction for this match as well. If the match gets added, Adam Rose will win.

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