WWE Payback has been quite a disappointing pay per view event overall. There were some expectations from this match which it could not feel by any means. In about twenty years, this is the first event not to feature a world championship match. But it can be dealt with if the other matches were good enough. Just a number of matches were good and worthy of being a part of a pay per view event, but most of them were really disappointing. Let us talk about all the matches that were in the event and take a look at the results of those matches too.

First, we should talk about the segment between Daniel, Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella. It was more of a drama than a segment. Stephanie McMahon announced last week on Monday Night Raw that she would fire Brie Bella if Daniel Bryan did not surrender the WWE World Heavyweight championship by Payback. And what happened at Payback? Stephanie McMahon came out first and she talked about Daniel Bryan’s ‘doing the right thing’. WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan came out with his wife Brie Bella. He pretended to submit the title before Brie stopped him and quit. Stephanie McMahon started laughing and Brie slapped Stephanie right into the face. Stephanie McMahon left the ring in shock.

Talking about the matches, let us start with the pre-show match between Hornswoogle and El Torito. It was scheduled as a Mask vs. Hair match only which made this match a little interesting. El Torito defeated Hornswoogle in this match and sheaved him bald. Can’t say much about this match was good or bad, what I can only about this match that it was not boring.

Sheamus defended his United States championship against Cesaro. We thought it could be a superb match as both superstars were technically very good. But it was not a very good match, it was good definitely, but nothing beyond good. Sheamus successfully defended his championship against Cesaro in this match. Cesaro was pinned by Sheamus by a small package hold, we do not see Sheamus performing such maneuvers a lot. Cesaro was comparatively the better man of the two, he performed some incredible unique maneuvers. Cesaro seriously has a bright future lying in front of him.

Next is the Intercontinental championship match. We cannot rate it as one of the best matches of the night, but cannot say it was a bad match either. We are just a bit confused if we should rate it as worthy of being a part of a pay per event. I mean, such matches are quite common in the Episodes of Monday Night Raw and Friday night Smackdown. The thrill that should have been present in a pay per view match was missing from this match. Both performers were good, Bad News Barrett was comparatively better than Van Dam. The champion Bad News Barrett defeated Rob Van Dam in this regular singles match to retain his championship.

We expected Rusev vs. Big E would be a good match but unfortunately, it was totally disappointing. I seriously do not know if it was worthy of being featured in a pay per view event. The duration of this match was only three minutes, something that is rarely seen these days in a pay per view event. The match was clearly built up just to hype Rusev. But I am quite sure that this guy will not be given any bigger chance in future, and even if he gets some, he will soon be thrown to the mid card or under card situation, just like Vladimir Koslov, if you remember him. Big E was defeated by Rusev in this match.

The Divas championship match between the champion Paige and the challenger Alicia Fox was nothing special either. Alicia Fox looks really amazing in her new gimmick. This crazy attire of her matches her really well and she is doing it quite impressive too. As we said before, this match should have been performed under a stipulation as these two divas fought each a number of times before, we did not see any stipulation in a divas match in quite a long time. Paige defeated Alicia Fox in this match to defend her title successfully.

There were a couple of unscheduled matches too. The first one was between Rybaxel and the Rhodes brothers. This match was organized to create a future feud between Cody Rhodes and Goldust. Rybaxel defeated Rhodes brothers as Cody Rhodes left his brother alone during the match. Bo Dallas and kofi Kingston was also about to fight but Kane interfered during the match and beat down Kofi Kingston. So the match went to no contest.

The last man standing match between John Cena and Bray Wyatt was arguably the best match of the event. Both performers were tremendously good in this match. The storyline of the feud was quite boring but all three matches between the two were superb, especially this one. John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt in this last man standing match. We hope that we are seeing the bottom line of this feud.

And the main event was between the Shield and Evolution who fought in an elimination No Holds Barred match. It was arguably the most anticipated match of the night and it was a pretty enjoyable match as well. But none of the Shield members got eliminated from this match which was the worst part of the match. Evolution was the best stable of the early 2000s and it was seriously not the justification for them. Shield defeated Evolution in this match, Batista got eliminated first by Seth Rollins, followed by Randy Orton’s elimination by Dean Ambrose and Triple H was finally eliminated by Roman Reigns.


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