The show started as John Cena came out to the arena and the fans of Liverpool, England booed John Cena badly. Cena tried to excite the fans by talking about local music but things did not work for him. He said that he could not wait for his match at Survivor Series.

John Cena said that Mr. McMahon came out last week and said that this Survivor Series would be the most epic in history, because it would not be just any other Survivor Series, there would be Team Authority vs. Team Cena whether the stipulation was, if team Authority lost, they would be out of power.

Cena said that the problem was, the authority did not want Cena to have a team. They knew that their job is in jeopardy, and they were trying to stop everyone from joining team Cena, for them, they knew it would be a death sentence if anybody would join team Cena. Even Zack Ryder was being prevented from joining team Cena. He tweeted earlier that he wanted to join team Cena, and now he was having a surgery and out for six months.

Cena continued as he said that Randy Orton tried to stand against the authority for team Cena which everybody saw, and what happened for that, the authority destroyed Randy Orton and they would not be seeing Randy Orton for a while.

Cena said that he still had two players in his side who did not listen to authority’s crap John Cena, the authority tried to convince the, by different means but they did not listen to the Authority. The first superstar of those two was the former World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger, whom the Authority conveniently put in a match with Seth Rollins. The other superstar was the current Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler. The fans chanted ‘We Want Ziggler.’ Cena said that if the fans wanted Ziggler they would get him but he had to deal with Triple H and the authority.

Cena said that he had those two, the Authority took everybody else away. But there was one guy who was not afraid of anybody, actually, he was a not a man, he was a monster. He showed up two weeks ago and destroyed every single on his path, as a matter of fact, he was Cena’s opponent on the main event of that night. The fans chanted ‘Feed Me More.’ Cena said that they were going to have a hell of a fight on that night for sure, and before they go head to head later on that night, he would like to call him out so they could discuss things a little bit.

Ryback came out to the arena. He entered the ring and said the big guy was back. Before he could continue, the authority came out to the arena. Mark Henry accompanied them who was now confirmed to be a member of the team Authority.

As they entered the ring, Stephanie McMahon first cut a small heel promo to anger the English fans. Triple H told John Cena that he was right about the fact that everything was on the line. Cena thought that Triple H was trying to scare everyone not to join Cena’s team, Triple H confirmed he was actually scaring everyone. He said that he would put the scare of god if they attempted to join team Cena.

Triple H said that everything would be on the line, careers, livelihoods, egos, everything for everybody. Now the fact was, who had the guts to play the game with all the chips on the table. Who had the guts to step in and seize with team Cena knowing the fact that would be career suicide that could be the worst decision that one could ever possibly make.

He continued as he said who would join team Authority knowing the fact that at the end of the day, the authority always won. Triple H said that Cena had two members in his team right now, one of them was Jack Swagger whom Seth would get later on that night, and the other one, Dolph Ziggler, Triple h said that he could probably guaranty that he would not even make it until Survivor Series.

Cena asked Triple H how it felt when Daniel Bryan defeated him at WrestleMania. Triple H said that captain B+ was sitting home right now, watching TV and shouting ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ and that would Dolph Ziggler would also do because he would step into the ring with Mark Henry on that night.

Stephanie McMahon came forward and said that John Cena was one of the most inspirational and motivational superstar she had ever heard, but they all knew that Harsh reality was better than false hope and that reality was joining authority was Best for Business. She gave the example of Ryback, if he joined team authority he could get so many main events in future, because like it or not, the authority did make or break careers, and speaking of career, their careers were on the line at Survivor Series, so they were putting the biggest, baddest and the most dominant Survivor Series team ever.

She said that was why they wanted Ryback on their tem. She said that Ryback had the potential to become the biggest monster of WWE. Triple H told Ryback that if he allied with the Authority, he would get more, more opportunities, more main events, more championships, more money, more fame, more glory, more of anything he wanted.

Cena said that they made and broke careers but that was for their own good. It did not matter how many superstars he could get on his team, two men or no man, if he got his a** kicked at Survivor Series, he would receive that like a man not like a sell out.

Cena then talked to Ryback, he said if wanted to join team authority it would be fine, but he said one wrong thing and he would get his a** kicked. Cena asked him to join his team and let the fans decide his fate.

Ryback said that the big guy was not afraid of the authority, and he did not see John Cena’s name on the paycheck of the big guy. He hit a spine buster on John Cena just after he said that. So Ryback was joining team Authority.


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