Dean Ambrose waited for a while and then he said that he did not know, he asked Christian since he had been doing it for quite a long time. Why would anybody go after somebody, usually because they wanted to take something away from them. The interesting part was, Dean Ambrose did not have anything to be taken away. Bray Wyatt did not want any championship or anything like that from him so what did he want. He thought Bray Wyatt loved to play mind games with people like Dean Ambrose. But it was unfortunate for bray Wyatt that Dean’s mind was a very dangerous thing to play with. Bray Wyatt thought he knew him, but he did not, nobody knew him. He loved to play games because it was fun and he was scared of Bray Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt came out to the arena. He said that there were nothing to fear for Dean because Dean had nothing to lose. There was a time when Dean had something to fight for, a time when he had safety and security with the Shield. But that security was taken away. But did not he know who Bray Wyatt was and what he did. I healed Eric Rowan and Luke harper and he could heal Dean too. All he had to do was take his hand. But he understood that salvation was not for everyone. He once offered his hands to Daniel Bryan who defied him. But Dean could be different, Bray could fix him. Dean had nothing to lose, even his own father turned his back on him. He asked if he still sent post cards from prison.

Dean Ambrose went towards Bray Wyatt kept shouting ‘Tell me I am wrong Dean, prove me wrong.’ As Dean edged near Bray, lights went off, when it came back, Bray was standing behind Dean. Bray shouted in Dean’s ears ‘Run!’ The lights went off again. The light went off again. When it came back, Bray was nowhere.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt had been confirmed for Survivor Series.

Match 2 – Paige defeated Alicia Fox. Paige pinned Alicia Fox with the Ram-Paige finishing maneuver.

Backstage Stephanie McMahon met Rusev and Lana. Stephanie congratulated Rusev on his victory and said she had no doubt that he would become the United States champion, so Triple H and she set up a victory celebration for him which they were leading to and also the match they set up last week and he won it last week. She wanted them to make sure if they had Rusev on team Authority. Lana said that they were discussing it, but there were political reasons. Stephanie said there were no such thing as politics in WWE, so she wanted Rusev to put everything on one side for one night and join team authority. Lana said that they would consider. This time Stephanie got angered, she said that she scratched their back, they scratched mine.

Backstage Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was seen watching the video of last week’s announcement of Mr. McMahon. Stephanie said that she was a little tensed with this announcement, Triple H told her that there was nothing to be worried about. He wanted her to look at Cena’s team, it was nothing before team authority. He said that they would fight and they would win, just like they always did. Stephanie McMahon asked what if it did not happen. Triple H said that he did not want to think like that.

Ravishing Russian Lana and the United States champion Rusev came out to the arena. Lana said that Rusev wore the title to prove the superiority of Russia over United States. She said that if Russia did not give England military support, right now everybody would have been speaking German. Sheamus came out to the arena and interrupted the celebration. Rusev and the others went out of the ring to avoid Sheamus. But he could go far as Michael Cole confirmed that a rematch for the title was next.

Match 3 – WWE United States Championship – WWE United States champion Rusev defeated Sheamus by count out. It was an excellent match, arguably it was the best match of the night. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury was sent in to be made sure that Rusev retained the title. After quite a long when Sheamus looked be the stronger one, Rusev went outside to avoid the beating, he kept running outside and entered the ring just before the ten count, Sheamus could not make it in time as Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury prevented him from entering the ring by the count of ten and he lost the match. It was the first match of Rusev which he actually won like a heel wrestler, probably Jim Ross’ blog actually worked.

Backstage Stephanie McMahon met Rusev and Lana again. Stephanie McMahon congratulated Rusev for retaining the United States championship. She wanted them to confirm if Rusev would join team Authority. Lana confirmed that he would. Lana tried to say something about Vladimir Putin, Stephanie said that she did not give a damn about what president Putin said, it was about what the authority wanted. She said that together they would crush team Cena.

Backstage inside Ryback’s locker room Seth Rollins met Ryback. Seth Rollins said that being the captain of team authority he welcomed Ryback to team authority, and he wanted to reassure him that just like Rusev, Ryback made the right call. Seth Rollins said that it would be a huge match, everything would be on the line, and it would be Seth’s honor to captain team authority for the victory. He said that Ryback and he had a bad past, they had to put those things away. They needed to focus on team Cena together and that was what actually mattered. He said that he personally agreed with Ryback on the fact that he did not need to take orders from Kane for his match John Cena later on the night, that would be ridiculous. He could take orders from Seth. Seth was about to leave, Ryback stopped him and said that his game plane was simple, he find a target and he destroyed it. John Cena was going to find that out later on the night. As Seth addressed Ryback as ‘Big Man’ earlier, Ryback corrected him and said that it was not the big man, it was the big guy. Seth Rollins addressed him as the big guy and wished him good luck.

Match 4 – Damien Mizdow and the Miz defeated Los Matadores. The Miz got the pin fall victory with a little help from Mizdow. When Miz attempted the pin, Mizdow hold the feet of the opponent to make sure he could not kick out.

Backstage John Cena met Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler told Cena that it would now be Kane, Rusev, Rollins, Mark Henry and the Big Guy versus two of them, Ziggler looked tensed about that fact. Cena said that it certainly looked like that. Cena told him that if he wanted to take part he could Cena would have no hard feelings. Ziggler said that for once they were on the same page, now, there was no point of backing up. Triple H came inside and asked how were they doing. He banned Cena from the ring side during Mark Henry vs. Dolph Ziggler which was next. He said that it was a shame what happened to Swagger earlier, but noting was personal, it was just business. Triple H wanted them to cheer up and left the locker room.

Match 5 – WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler defeated Mark Henry by disqualification. Henry had no intention of winning the match, he just wanted to destroy Ziggler, he continued his assault on Ziggler after the match. The Big Show came out for the save. Mark Henry avoided a fight with Big Show and left the ring. Big Show confirmed that he would be joining team Cena and would see him at Survivor Series.

Backstage Dolph Ziggler and Big Show was seen talking, Cena joined them. Cena thanked Big Show and they shook hands. Cena said that they needed to find two more crazy men to join them. Sheamus came out from back and said that they would now need one more fella. He shook hands with John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and Big Show, he confirmed that he would be on team Cena.

Match 6 – WE Divas champion AJ Lee defeated Brie Bella by submission in a non-title match. AJ Lee made Brie Bella submit by her submission maneuver The Black Widow. After the match, Nikki attacked AJ Lee and beat her down.

Match 7 – Tyson Kidd defeated Adam Rose by submission. Once again, Bunny cost Adam Rose his match. He unintentionally created distraction for Rose and locked the Sharpshooter. After the match, Bunny went inside the ring to apologize to Rose, Rose kicked him into the mid section and left him alone.

Backstage the authority was seen discussing something. Triple H asked Kane where was Ryback. Kane said that he was coming but he did not look like a team player, the guy had an attitude problem. Ryback joined them. Triple H told him that his match on that night was night against team authority, it was about him against John Cena on that night. Triple H said that he wanted him to do what he did better than anybody and that was destroy. Triple H wanted Cena to destroy him, and he did not have to think about Cena’s new team because they would be banned from the ring side so he could do to John Cena whatever he wished. Stephanie McMahon added that on on Survivor Series, they all needed to be on the same page, they could not afford to have a weak link on the team, she told that felt like talking to a bunch of kindergartners, she asked if they have any idea what was on the line. It was not only there future were on the line, she wanted them to think about their career, future, livelihood and families, those would also be on the line at Survivor Series. She asked if they were on the same page. Kane concluded by saying, ‘You heard her, let’s go.’

Main Event – John Cena defeated Ryback by disqualification. Ryback was in control of the match, Kane tried to distract Cena during the match, Cena shoulder blocked Kane. Kane came inside and attacked Cena, Ryback was disqualified. Kane and Ryback started arguing. Seth Rollins came out and tried to calm them down. Ryback hit Seth as Kane kicked Ryback right into the face. Mark Henry, Rusev, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury came out and attacked Cena. Sheamus came out to help Cena, he started beating everyone them he was choke slammed by Kane. Big Show came out next, he also knocked out everyone but got taken down by Seth Rollins. Ryback came inside now and knocked out everyone, he ended up with a Shell Shocked on Kane and left the arena.

Backstage Triple H and Stephanie McMahon watching it on the TV, suddenly, Dolph Ziggler was thrown near them cold. Luke Harper was seen standing, he said ‘I am a Team Player!’ The Show went off air.




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