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WWE Raw 11/8/14 – Daniel Bryan having an affair with his physical therapist Megan Miller 

Stephanie McMahon came out as she was told to apologize to Brie Bella. Last week’s contract signing incident was shown where Brie Bella and Nikki Bella were beaten down by Stephanie McMahon. She started things of by saying that it was her mission as a principal owner of WWE, it was her mission to always do what best for business was for the WWE Universe which included all the WWE fans and the WWE Superstars and divas. And sometimes, they received information that could negatively impact one of their employee’s lives and they were faced with the unfortunate task of intervening and that was exactly what was going to happen on that night.

Most of the fans were aware of the fact that Daniel Bryan went through surgeries a number of months ago and since then he was aggressively rehabbing and trying to get back into the action. So she would like to address the woman who had been helping him in this recovery, Daniel Bryan’s physical therapist Megan Miller. A beautiful young lady came out to the ring from the crowd.

Stephanie McMahon requested Megan to confess what she wanted to. Megan took her time before she finally spoke up. She said that Daniel and Brie are good people, she and boyfriend had dinner with them a several times. She really tried hard to make sure Daniel could get back into the ring. Daniel Bryan was such an inspiration to the WWE. Stephanie McMahon wanted her go on inspite of the fact that she said that it was difficult to say. Megan burst into tears before she could finish.

Somehow she continued by saying that her boyfriend broke up with her because of this reason and she did not want to be his physical therapist anymore. Stephanie asked why she could not be his physical therapist anymore. Megan said that it all happened so innocently, she could do nothing. Stephanie told her to take a deep breath and asked what happened. She finally confessed that she had been having an affair with Daniel Bryan. The fans booed to hear this thoroughly.

Stephanie McMahon said sorry to Megan and hugged her. Brie Bella came out now. Brie confronted Megan and kept asking random questions. She did not speak on the mic. Stephanie said that Daniel Bryan used her and kicked her out like a piece of trash. She said that Brie’s problem was not with her, her problem was with Megan. Stephanie said that Megan told her that Daniel Bryan called Brie a dead fish. Megan nodded in reply.

Stephanie asked Megan to say what she told after every physical therapies. Stephanie mocked and started chanting yes in a very disturbing manner (if you understand what she actually meant by this). Brie slapped Megan right into the face and jumped on Stephanie. She locked her into the Yes lock. Security came out to stop Brie. They took Brie out of the ring. Stephanie said that they were not going to wait until Summerslam, they would finish it on that night.


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