Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where Rollins entered the ring and told that whatever happened last week was not funny. He said that he was a patient man, he stood for a lot of things but one thing one should not do was embarrass Seth Rollins. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury got summoned outside of the ring as Seth continued that he was the Money in the Bank and he was future of WWE.

Seth Rollins now looked at Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury who wanted him to come along with them. Seth asked if they wanted him to leave, he asked if they thought he did not know what he was doing out there. He knew that he was a marked man and he put a target on my back. He said that he got a news for the fans, ‘he loved it’.

John Cena suddenly came out and entered the ring. He attacked Seth Rollins straight. Seth tried to fight Cena, but when he saw it was getting difficult for him to fight, he left the ring and went to the crowd. He stood far from John Cena inside the crowd and mocked Cena. But he did not notice that Dean Ambrose was standing behind him. As Seth turned back, Dean Ambrose attacked him.

Seth ran towards the barricade as Cena pulled him back. Ambrose climbed on the barricade and jumped on both Dean Ambrose and John Cena. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury got involved in the fight now, they prevented Dean Ambrose from beating Seth Rollins. Seth escaped by the taking the advantage of the situation.

Dean Ambrose pushed Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury away and sat on the apron in disguise as he could not beat Seth time either. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena. Stephanie McMahon said that they would not let the show ruined even before it started. Everybody knew that if Seth Rollins came out in the arena alone, John Cena and Dean Ambrose would try to share pieces of him, even Seth Rollins knew it, but he let his ego come before his brain, something that John Cena and Dean Ambrose knew a little bit about.

Later, Cena and Dean argued in a segment and Dean left Cena alone. During the match that had been announced by Triple H, Cena was beaten illegally by the three men. The fight turned into a three on one assault as the referee had to call for the bell. Kane and Randy Orton was beating up John Cena as Dean Ambrose came out with a Hotdog wagon. As Kane and Orton went near Dean, he sprayed sauces on the face of them and attacked Seth Rollins. Orton and Kane came in to help out Seth. Cena also joined the fight. Ambrose and Cena took out all three men. Dean Ambrose started embarrassing Seth by hitting him with the stuffs of Hotdog. Kane saved Seth and Seth left the arena. Cena hit the AA on Kane. Dean Ambrose and John Cena stood inside the ring. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out. Triple H said that he was glad that Cena and Dean were back on the same page. But they still wanted to fight Seth Rollins. They were going to get their opportunity to fight Seth Rollins, but first, they needed to fight each other. At the next pay per view event Hell in a Cell, John Cena would go one on one with Seth Rollins, the winner would not only get to face Seth Rollins, but would face Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell. Stephanie McMahon added which meant either way either John Cena or Dean Ambrose would go Straight to hell. John Cena and Dean Ambrose confronted each other for a while. As Cena for a while, as Cena was about to leave the arena, Dean Ambrose nailed him with a DDT. The fans were really happy to see this as they cheered quite loud. The fans chanted ‘Yes’. Dean Ambrose pointed to Seth Rollins that he would end up Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell after he defeat John Cena.

At Smackdown last week, Cena and Dean argued again on the Miz TV and at the end of the segment, Cena nailed Dean Ambrose with the Attitude Adjustment.

The show started as Dean Ambrose came out to the arena. Ambrose entered the arena and said that there would be nothing more in the world that he would love more than losing himself inside the Hell in a Cell with Seth Rollins. There would be just Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins inside that dangerous Cell, so that Dean could beat Seth so bad so Seth could never forget the name of Dean Ambrose.

Before Dean Ambrose wet inside the Cell, there was someone else whom he had to deal with first, someone who was really pissing him off who was a former fifteen times world champion, but it would be a little matter for him to deal with, he would deal with John Cena first in a No Holds Barred contest. He said that he would no problem with beating John Cena up just like he beat up Cena last week on Monday Night Raw, and at the Smackdown he did the same to Dean as well.

Dean said that it was quite cleared that the authority wanted John Cena and Dean Ambrose to tear each other up to protect Seth Rollins. But nothing mattered to him, at Hell in a Cell, he would beat down John Cena and grab the contract out of the pole to beat Seth Rollins down. Then he would beat Seth Rollins’ head like a basketball and there was nothing the authority or John Cena could do about it.

John Cena came out to the arena. Cena entered the ring and said that Dean Ambrose needed to relax because the match between Dean Ambrose and John Cena had been made, and this was such a match that the fans wanted to see and who got the chance to get his hands on Seth Rollins finally.

Cena asked Dean why would Dean came out here to talk trash, did he want Cena to come out and leave him unconscious again. Dean might walk out of the ring, or he might not. Cena gave Dean Ambrose a suggestion, he wanted Dean to shut up and got prepared for the biggest match of his career which would occur in two weeks.

Dean Ambrose said that he was ready to kick Cena’s a** hard, so he did not need any suggestions from Cena. Cena did not have to act like that he cared for Dean. Cena answered if Dean tried to get his hands on Cena this time, he would see why he actually was a fifteen times world champion.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena. Triple H wanted them to go slow since they had a No Holds Barred contract on a pole match at Hell in a Cell. Stephanie McMahon made a triple threat tag team action for the night, where Cena and Ambrose would face the Usos and the tag team champions Gold and Stardust. Triple H and Stephanie settled a bet between each other that these two athletes would not be able to compete without fighting each other.

Match 1 – John Cena and Dean Ambrose defeated the Usos and the Tag Team champions Gold and Stardust in a non title match. John Cena pinned Stardust with the Attitude Adjustment. After the match, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon appeared again. Triple H and said that there was no need of waiting till Hell in a Cell, John Cena and Dean Ambrose would meet each other in a No Hold Barred contract on a pole match where the winner would meet Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell pay per view event. Triple H wanted the two to tear each other apart.

Match 2 – Layla and WWE Divas champion AJ Lee defeated Alicia Fox and Paige. Layla however left AJ during the match, but it could not do any harm to AJ as she pinned Alicia with the Shinning Wizard.


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