Footage from two weeks ago was shown where Chris Jericho shocked the world with his shocking return after the return of the Miz. As Jericho nailed the Miz with his finishing maneuver Code Breaker he was about to say something. But just then the Wyatt Family appeared and attacked the former World champion. They beat down Jericho badly. Last week Jericho addressed Bray Wyatt after he defeated the Miz in a one on one match. Bray Wyatt came out near to the stage and was on the rocking chair. Jericho attempted to attack him but he saw Luke Harper and Eric Rowan standing behind him so he had to prevent himself from the fight. Later, a one on one match between Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho had been announced for the next pay per view event Battleground.

Chris Jericho came out and the fans thoroughly cheered for him. Jericho grabbed a mic and before saying something he enjoyed the crowd reaction a little bit. He welcomed everyone to ‘Raw is Jericho’. He said that it felt good to say these stuffs, it felt to be back in the WWE again, he pointed to the ring and said that it was home, it was home to him.

He said that he had been working here for fifteen years and he had seen a lot of things here. He had seen clown, he had seen naked mideon, he had seen three minutes warning and five second poses, he had seen Big Poppa Pump, Big Boss Man, Big Show, Shawn Michaels, Michael Hayes, Lord Tensai, he had seen all of them. The fans chanted ‘Y2J’ in appreciation. Maybe this was why he was worthy of the catchphrase; ‘I am the best at what I do’.

He continued as he said that he had seen the Undertaker got almost burned by his own pyro, he wrestled John Cena in his very first pay per view match, he had been knocked out by Mike Tyson, Mickey Rourke and Bob Barker, he would still took him on any place, any time, anywhere. He was a former nine times world champion, and most importantly he defeated The Rock and Stone Cold on the same night to become the WWE Undisputed champion for the first time eeeeever (just like he said).

He was a former six times world champion, like he said he had seen everything did everything in WWE, and at least not everything, because he had never seen anything like Bray Wyatt. He cut a promo on Bray Wyatt by addressing him as an unstoppable force. And for some reason, Wyatt had set hi sties on Chris Jericho. He did not why Wyatt was after him, but he knew one thing, at Battleground, Jericho and Wyatt would collide for the first time ever. Wyatt said that he had the whole world in his hands, Jericho had the whole WWE universe in his hand and that was the real unstoppable force.

Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen. He cut his uncanny promo just like always did. His promos were seriously getting boring which the fans realized as they chanted ‘boring’. He was now head to head with Chris Jericho, it was not easy cope up with him on the mic.

As the promo was over, Rowan and Harper attacked Jericho. Jericho escaped the ring to evade them. Bray Wyatt attacked him from behind and beat him down. He ended up with the Sister Abigail near the entrance stage floor.



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