Backstage Khali was seen standing in front of John Cena’s locker room. Cena came out and thanked Khali. He knocked at the door and called Paul Heyman by saying it was show time. He opened the door and dragged Heyman out of the room. Heyman tried to explain himself but Cena did not let him go.

Cena dragged Heyman into the arena and forced him inside the ring. Heyman kept begging and pleading. Heyman was on his knees, Cena was grabbing him by his tie. John Cena mocked Heyman by giving self introduction in Heyman’s style. He said that it was the moment that every one was waiting for. They were now going to see that the great Paul Heyman, the one after 21 – 1 would magically make a beast appear or John Cena magically use his fist to make Heyman’s teeth disappear.

John Cena said that every one was waiting, he wanted Paul Heyman to bring out the beast. Cena placed the microphone in front of Heyman’s mouth. Heyman asked if all those things about Hustle, Loyalty and Respect were shame. Last week when Heyman wanted him to turn his back on the Cenation, he denied. But tonight, he was proving out to be someone totally different than people were used to. He said to beat the beast, he had to become the beast. And somewhere inside of him there was a deep hatred, and Heyman was the one who helped him to brought that hatred out.

Heyman continued that Cena could not hit him because that would make him a bully. Just because his client Brock Lesnar’s plane was delayed he could not hit a forty nine year old father of two. Brock Lesnar was a bully and Cena could not become Brock Lesnar, which was why, Cena could not beat Brock Lesnar. He thought that his hatred for Heyman would bring out the beast inside of him. He said that he would give him a chance, he would let him become the WWE Heavyweight champion of the World this Sunday at Night of Champions, this would be the principal of an all new John Cena, something that he was trying to tell him from last week .

Paul Heyman put his face forward and he wanted Cena to hit him. Heyman kept shouting ‘Hit me, Hit me John Cena’. His mother and father reigned him well, but this principle of him which was Hustle, Loyalty and Respect would stop him from becoming the champion. He could not beat a bully, he could not even hit Heyman in spite of knowing the face that Heyman deserved it. John Cena would fail to beat Brock Lesnar this Sunday, he would never become the WWE World Heavyweight champion again. He could not beat Brock Lesnar.

Cena took the microphone away from him. He said that if somebody deserved his face being demolished that was Paul Heyman. Heyman was the scum of this planet, Heyman was a waste of Oxygen. Heyman asked him to let it go, let all his anger go on Heyman and become the vision of Heyman, a Paul Heyman guy. The fans chanted ‘Yes!’

Cena said no and he apologized. He said that he planned all these things because he thought Heyman was going to produce Brock Lesnar and they would fight to show all the people that he was ready for Night of Champions. But there was no beast, it was Paul Heyman, he addressed Heyman as washed up, loud mouth, scum bag and that Heyman did not deserve to be beaten by Cena’s hands.

Cena attempted to leave the ring but Heyman prevented him. Heyman said that Cena was doing the right thing by walking away, if Heyman was his mother he would be very proud of him. Heyman disrespected Cena’s mother. Cena came back and pushed Heyman out of the ring.

Brock Lesnar’s music hit and the WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar came out to the arena. Cena was really happy to see Brock Lesnar and he called Brock Lesnar to come out inside the ring for the fight. Lesnar slowly went towards Paul Heyman. Lesnar did not attempt to go inside the ring and he was slowly moving out of the arena along with his manager Paul Heyman. Cena kept calling Lesnar inside the ring for the fight. Lesnar stood still for a while. But he kept moving out again.

Cena kept calling Lesnar but Lesnar was not stopping. As the fans started chanting John Cena’s name, Lesnar stopped, and moved towards the ring. Lesnar slowly went inside the ring and Cena jumped on Lesnar. The two individuals broke into a fight. Lesnar quickly nailed Cena with a German Suplex. He kicked Cena out of the ring. As Lesnar was about to go out of the ring, Cena came back and took him out of the ring. He kept beating Lesnar, Cena looked to be in control as the security guards came in to prevent them. Lesnar left the arena as the security guards blocked the ring. After Lesnar went out, Cena went inside the ring and celebrated.


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