WWE Raw 19th January: Sting is back, Analysis of John Cena vs. Seth Rollins, Kane and the Big Show

Jeet / 20 January 2015

We cannot say if it was the right decision to make it a triple threat match. No matter how Cena won, it actually would not be a matter at the end, history books would only record one single thing; John Cena defeated Kane, Big Show and Seth Rollins in a three on one handicap match. Such things were not acceptable every time.

It was certainly bad for Seth Rollins, this lad has a bright future in WWE, such a defeat is terrible for his future. The worst part was; Cena pinned Rollins for the win. I say, things could have been different. Like the authority allows a guest referee, or maybe a ring enforcer, things would still look difficult for John Cena. And if they were all set up to make things three on one, we think this match should not have go on for so long.

Now, talking about Sting’s debut on Monday Night Raw, well it was a bit unpredictable. As we all know, Sting is scheduled to make six appearances in his contract for WWE, including one at WrestleMania, so he had three more surprise entrances left. Unlike this one and the one in Survivor Series, hope those three would be pretty special.

The WWE Universe’s support landed John Cena in what ended up being a 3-on-1 Handicap Match against Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show, and with his buddies’ jobs on the line, Team Cena’s guardian angel came through once again. Good thing, too, because up until that point, the bout hadn’t been so much a wrestling match as a public beating, dished out at great leisure by The Authority, which took no small amount of pleasure in humiliating the 15-time World Champion in his darkest hour.

After a spear from Big Show and a Chokeslam from Kane left Cena down, an image of Sting appeared on the TitanTron just as Seth Rollins was about to put his foe away with a Curb Stomp. What was seemingly a still image of the former WCW Champion turned out to be a live shot of the vigilante himself, who stalked to the top of the Raw ramp for the first time ever and distracted Rollins enough for Cena to steal the win with a roll-up and reinstate Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan on the spot. Triple H’s irate demands for Sting to present himself again were instead answered by Brock Lesnar, who summarily laid waste to Kane and Big Show, though Rollins got away. This Sunday, he might not be so lucky.


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