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WWE Raw 19/5/14 – Beat the Clock challenge

The show was live from London, England today. We had a number of great matches in the show along with a Beat the Clock challenge where the one who would beat the clock would become the No 1 contender for the WWE Intercontinental championship. Such competitions like Beat the Clock challenge are rarely seen these days. And it feels really good when you see such no 1 contender’s tournament for the intercontinental championship. It shows that the future of the Intercontinental championship is bright and the lost glory of the Intercontinental championship could be regained.

As we said in some of our early articles that unifying the championship might not be very pleasing to see but it would create a better platform for the Intercontinental championship. The title which used to be a big deal in the earlier days of WWE was faded after the brand extension of WWE was stopped. Raw became a three hour show and Intercontinental championship became a very minor championship. Even the glory of the World Heavyweight championship also faded. But as the titles got unified, the intercontinental championship can now be a serious deal as it used to be.

At the last pay per view event Extreme Rules, Bad News Barrett defeated the champion Big E to win the Intercontinental championship for the fourth times. As the feud between Bad News Barrett and big E could not impress the fans WWE decided to start a new feud for the Intercontinental championship and this tournament was used to build up that the feud.

There were three matches in the beat the clock tournament and the first match was between the former champion Big E and Ryback. It was a good match where the former champion Big E defeated Ryback to earn the first advantage of Beat the Clock challenge. The time he set was five minutes and two seconds.

The next match was between two former world champions. At one corner there was the former four times world champion Alberto Del Rio, and on the other corner there was the former WWE champion and the former ECW world champion Mr. Monday Night Rob Van Dam. This match was won by Rob Van Dam he was able to beat the clock, he defeated the time by forty seven seconds which Big E set earlier on the night.

The final match was also between two world champions; Mark Henry and Dolph Ziggler. Mark Henry dominated Ziggler for the most of the times in the match, but at the end, Ziggler reversed Henry’s World’s Strongest Slam with his finishing maneuver Zig Zag. But as he attempted the pin the time ran out and Rob Van Dam was declared as the winner.

After the match, Van Dam came out to celebrate as Barrett attacked him from behind. He cut a small promo and posed with the championship.