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WWE Raw 19/5/14 – Stephanie McMahon declared the status of Daniel Bryan

When the show started it was announced that Daniel Bryan would show up to announce his current status and what would happen to the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Daniel Bryan, who picked up a neck injury during his match against Kane at the last pay per view event Extreme Rules was assaulted by the Big Red machine again. Daniel Bryan went through a neck injury on last Thursday and it was declared that the WWE World Heavyweight champion’s neck surgery was successful. The championship is not been stripped from Daniel Bryan till now and the status of the title is not fully cleared either. There is only two weeks to go till Payback and Daniel Bryan has to defend his championship at the event if he keeps up holding the title on his shoulder. On this night of Monday Night Raw, the status of the WWE World Heavyweight championship was said to be cleared by the champion himself as it was shown at the beginning of the show that Daniel Bryan would show up and clear his current condition as well as the status of the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

The music of Daniel Bryan hit and the fans of United Kingdom went absolutely wild. They broke into yes chants. But to disappoint all of them the WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan did not show up and came out one of the principal owners of World Wrestling Entertainment Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie McMahon came out with chanting yes and weaving her hands in the yes chant gesture as the fans booed her thoroughly.

Stephanie McMahon looked at the crowd with a smile on her face as the fans booed her. She said that the fans should be chanting yes because Daniel Bryan went through a successful neck surgery on the past Friday.

She continued by saying that Daniel Bryan had a wonderful story, at WrestleMania he became the WWE World heavyweight champion, then he married Brie Bella. Stephanie McMahon kept Daniel Bryan by reminding all his deeds.

She said that Bryan was doing his best to get back into the action because he was the hero of the fans. But at the she has got some bad news; she contemplated Daniel Bryan from stripping the championship and awarding to the Demon Kane, she could even award it to Bad News Barrett. The fans cheered as Stephanie laughed and said they would like it he was also from UK. She could also award the title to Batista, the fans again booed. At the end Stephanie said that if there was anyone who actually deserve the title that was Triple H.

But at all seriousness she would not be stripping Bryan from the championship. But she demanded Bryan to come out next week on Raw to personally surrender the WWE World Heavyweight championship because that was what best for business.